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Help. I have been dizzy and confused for months
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Help. I have been dizzy and confused for months

Started Christmas eve with dizziness and nausea.  Thought I had a cold but the nausea went away but the dizziness stayed.  It was not like a room spinning dizziness more like Light headedness.  I was walking to the right and had a hard time concentrating and very fatique.  I went to my Primay Doctor and she had stated it was a viral infection.
One month had passed and I started loosing vision in Left eye along with the dizziness.  It was like I was looking throuh plastic wrap.   The left side of head felt numb and tingling at the same time.
I called my Doctor but did not get a response.   Two days after that I woke up feeling very strange.  Tingling in my legs and felt as though I could just fall over and sleep.  I laid down and did not feel right I went to stand up and I could not feel my feet.  I was walking kind of but it felt like my feet were gone. My knees where shaking and I did not know
wether to laugh or cry.
My husband took me to the ER and I had an MRI of the head.  It came back Negative for MS and they told me It was
Probably the start of a desease but did not say more than that.  Except I am dehydrated my orthostats kept dropping.
Although I did not have an IV  once through the whole three day stay.
I could feel my legs shortly after the same day but the dizziness persisted.  It felt as if I had weights strapped around my ankles.
I went back to my family doctor and she said it was one of three things.
Viral, Something with my heart or MS
She sent me to a cardiologist which did several test.
Tilt table, Ekg and an ultrasound of my heart.  All NORMAL.
I ended up going to the eye doctor  she found leasions on my optic nerve.
Sent to Retinal Specialist. Had an Angiogram of eye and then sent me to
an NeuroOpthalmologist.
I had a carotoid doppler done which was normal- I THINK
A VEP and a c something test on my eye.
They sent me to a NEUROLOGIST who told me I had Optic Neuritis and Myelin degeneration and
to eat fruits and veggies.  And take vitamin D.  At this time I felt good and Normal My eye was not bothering me
and the dizziness was coming frequent.  And I was not tired at all.
Two weeks ago The dizziness started again and I started feeling more confused and tired.
The neurologist sent me for an MRI of the Spine and Neck and CT of the head.
All were negative for MS.
Just this passed week I am having pain in my left eye again with the plastic wrap feeling over the eye. I contacted my
neurologist and he said It was "QUACKY" He said that he was not sure if it was Ms but he said I do have optic neuritis
and to keep stress at a minimum.  I do not have stress in my life.  Except for the symptoms I am having which are
starting to make it hard for me to do daily activities.
Please..... If someone can help me or give me any advise.  I am scared and confused.

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Avatar dr m tn
I can understand your problem due to which you are much confused.You have been visiting specialists and investigations have been done without any diagnosis.According to me you could be suffering  from optic neuritis.Better to consult an ophthalmologist and a  neurophysician .Hope this helps you. Take care !
Avatar f tn
I just want to say I am so is so hard for these things to be happening and not get a definite many diseases/conditions mimic each other......I can see where they would keep checking you for MS, I have a daughter that was diagnosed with MS so am familiar with that are doing all you can do to find the problem.....if you are not already doing it, journal your symptoms everyday and stay with a neurologist that is familiar with you.....and do try and eat as healthy as you can,...I have picked you to pray for today.....grandmamaPete
Avatar f tn
Thank you for responding to my post.  I am just so concerned that I might wake up and not be able to see or walk at all.

How long did it take for your daughter to be diagnosed with MS?

Not that I am sure myself that is what it is,  but everything else has been ruled out.
I have been reading that early care is important and I feel that I am just wasting time.

My neurologist told me he would like to do a spinal tap only if I am ready for it.
It kind of scares me a little.

Thanks for the prayer.  I feel better all ready today :)
Avatar f tn
jen, she was abt 35 when she was diagnosed but had been going to dr.'s for 10 yrs trying to find out why one leg sorta dragged....she had been in small motorcycle accident in her teens and hurt her ankle  so of course we thought it was that....but then I had some old age problems with my eyes and she started having some of my symptoms and it scared her and she went to optometrist....when she moved one of her eyes in a certain direction, she had pain and he immediately sent her to retina specialist who immediately sent her to neurologist bcu of optic neuritis being diagnosed and Neuro ordered the MRI and it showed the lesions on her brain......I was with her when she had spinal tap, it wasn't traumatic in any way...........I think MS is much more common than most realize....been awhile since I did all my reading but I think 60% or more never get to wheelchair stage, I sat with a woman abt 70 yrs old at tennis match recently and she had MS and you would never know it....... my daughter wouldn't accept you couldn't strengthen your immune system and she didn't eat anything that wouldn't build her immune system......right now (after 10 more years) she is in full remission and enjoying a very busy life and does eat a choc chip cookie on a regular basis...........I would never recommend anyone not taking the medicine but my daughter is very petite and she made the decision after a few yrs not to take it and felt better....that has been several yrs past.......with 5 children and 11 grands...we have all degrees of problems and what keeps me going is:  Nothing can ever seperate me from the  love of God and He will never ever leave me or forsake me and He will give me the strength to face the trials of today and tomorrow.........may you soon get the answers you need and may you experience Peace....grmamaPete
Avatar f tn
I have many of the same symptoms you have. I've been to so many doctors and have had mris and i have optic neuritis and myelin degeneration. I frequently have panic attacks and feel like i can't function around others. Sometimes i feel like i have a twitch and sometimes i have a flashing light in the eye with optic neuritis. The MRI showed no signs of lesions in the brain and like you i feel like i am wasting time doing nothing about what is wrong with me. I feel so helpless. Sometimes i wake up with my heart racing and i feel shaky and confused and don't know whether to laugh or cry. Most mornings i find it hard to get out of bed and i feel so tired all the time. I mostly get full nights of sleep but by the middle of the day i feel so fatigued that i could pass out. I often get headaches too and am in debt from going to the doctor and i don't know what to do. any advice?
Avatar m tn
I'm having the same symthoms. Now for 3 months. Also had almost all of these examinations(mr, vep,Er, baep). I suggest you to see a virologist, as for example now it is said that for me, the dizzyness might have been caused by a virus , called citomegalo. It might have caused a brain-fever without actual fever. Though I'm still not sure. Ms is not really possible, as the dizziness there is only for days, than you have other sympthoms. And also MS have to have at least two signs  a mr.( as it is multiplex). I hope you had a 3tesla mr
As for me I1m still not well. hoping the new diagnosis is correct. Any suggestions are welcome.
Avatar n tn
hey i can relate to some of the symtoms (symptoms) you guys have had, for the past year i had been feeling exhausted and drained of energy i also felt some kind of dizziness not vertigo tho it was more just a sense of confusion and light headiness and it was extremly had to concentrate at work i guess it made me feel dumb.
For the past 6 weeks i have been feeling back to normal and it has been great i had been seeing a osteopath for treatment on my back and neck and it seemed to be helping a little but it was till i saw a lady that did kinesiology and reflexology that i felt the greatest change and it happened so quick i was feeling back to normal within a few days and this was such a releif as i thought i was going to be like this forever as i seen numerious docters and had heaps of test's i even has a sinus op because they thought that could have been the cause. The lady gave me these zapper things aswell that u use once a day to kill any parasites that are in your body i think that this was one of the main causes. Anyway i hope this is helpful
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