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How bad is this?
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How bad is this?

The doctor said I have to see a Surgen.  I'm 56 years old, Neck is very sore to look down. Sometimes have dropsy in both hands when I pick up things.

C2/3 there is bilateral facet arthrosis quite moderate in severity on the left resulting in severe left neural foraminal narrowing.  There is mild to moderate right neural foraminal narrowing.

C3/4 there is mild bilateral neural foraminal narrowing with minor facet arthrosis more marked on the left.  The central spinal canal is unremarkable.

C4/5 there is minor left facet arthrosis resulting in minor left neural foraminal narrowing.  The right neural foramen and central are unremarkable.

C5/6 there is diffuse disc space narrowing with anterior and posterior spondylosis.  There is mild central canal stenosis with the AP dimension of the canal measuring 9.4 mm.

Mild facet arthrosis and uncovertebral osteophyte formation result is severe right neural foraminal narrowing and mild to moderate left neural foraminal narrowing.

C6/7 there is minor lateral osteophyte formation on the right.  There is a broad central disc herniation which may be partially calcified, which flattens the thecal sac anteriorly.  The AP dimension of the spinal canal posterior to the herniated disc is narrowed to 8.5 mm.

There is minor uncovertebral osteophyte formation with minor bilateral neural foraminal narrowing.

C7/T1 there is degenerative disc disease with prominent anterior and posterior spondylosis.  There is large chunky osteophyte laterally on the right with prominent osteophyte extending into the right neural foramen, narrowing the foramen inferiorly.  The uncovertebral osteophyte also cause moderate left nwural foraminal narrowing as well.

Impression  - Multilevel degenerative change with uncovertebral osteophyte formation and facet arthrosis resulting in neural foraminal narrowing at multiple levels.  The findings are quite significant at C7/T1.  

Central canal stenosis is present at C5/C6 and C6/C7 levels with broad-based disc herniation at C6/7.
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Your radiological findings are not good, suggest diffuse degenerative changes in the spine. Consulting a neurosurgeon will be the right decision.
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quoting a MRI i had done Jan of 2011 for tremendous back pain which led to a neck MRI Mar 2011....which read & i quote " At C6-7 level, there is reversal of the cervical lordosis with broad-based left paracentral disk protrusion partially obliterating the left neural foremen.  At this level, there is aslo mild mass effect on the spinal cord and the mild degree of narrowing of the central canal measuring about 7mm in the AP dimension.  C7-T1 interspace is unremarkable." .....i had pause at the time because my solution from the doctor was physical theropy...which i felt would not help at all now two years later i have had numbness in my left hand, specifically ny index middle finger mostly but getting worse....anyone able to break this down to basic language for me & should i be as worried as i think i should???? thank you to any help
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