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How to get a dx ?
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How to get a dx ?

I have my health progressively deteriorating over the last few years, and starting from about 2 years ago all symptoms seem to point to ALS.  Right now, I have:

1. Lung problems: MEP 48%, FVC 80%, losing breath after a short talk or a fast walk
2. Fasciculations
3. Fatigue
4. Left hand is clumsy and feels lazy
5. Very bad aerophagia
6. Often difficulties with swallowing
7. Difficulties with typing with both hands - Iam using only right one now
8. Mild but visible muscle atrophy in hands and arms
9. Mild weakness in the left leg and left hand
10. Mild slurring

My deep tendon reflexes are brisk.

My work requires a lot of typing and a lot of speaking at meetings, so I am having enourmous difficulties there. My manager actually told me many times that I clearly need medical help, and he is trying to make arrangements wherever he can, but still it is very hard to keep carrying on.

So... I visited my local neuro, and even a specialized ALS clinic. They did EMG and NCV studies, both came out normal, so their dx always was: benign fasciculations, the rest is anxiety. I had total of 3 EMGs over 2 years, but only one of them included all limbs. The last EMG was in December (2 limbs + tongue).

I don't feel that I can take that dx any more. I have deteriorated to the point where I have to make major adjustments to all aspects of my life, and it is only due to the good nature of the manager that I still have my job. Where could I get a thorough EMG, whatever additional tests needed, and get a dx ? I am ready for any dx, including ALS (which, I am sure, is what it will be), but I need a dx. I live in Nothern California.
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Thanks for writing in.
Yes you definitely need to undergo further evaluation with the symptoms that you have presently. Please refer to the links below you may be able to find a neurologist in your area.

Hope this helps!
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