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I don't believe MS diagnosis
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I don't believe MS diagnosis

Hi everyone, I'm an Italian 32 years old "girl" (people say I look like 23 or so) and I've been diagnosed with MS in July 2004.
I experienced one episode of optic neuritis in the right eye, in May 2003. my oculist sent me to a neurologist. I was given 5 days of prednisone intramuscular shots. in Spring 2004, optic neuritis again and "heat feeling" in the sole of my feet (both left and right at the same time).

so I was hospitalized. lumbar puncture, MRI, blood test. "it's MS".

I was given interferon beta. I had optic neuritis three times in like a couple of months, always cured with prednisone IVs (5 each time). at the 3rd optic neuritis episode, I was told "it's not optic neuritis" (?¿?¿?¿), so no more prednisone IVs. the optic neuritis actually vanished on it's own and never came back again.

developed antibodies to interferon in 2006. switched to Copaxone.

now, I do not actually have any MS symptom and my last MRI (July 2012) is basically identical to the first one, 2004 (small differences, due to new MRI machine).

I had walking issues, but not neurological. after 4 years of bad, bad, bad walking, X-rays to my hips and other inconclusive funny stuff, I've found a smart physiotherapist. she said I had an unbelievably contracted diaphragm, probably the worst case she've ever seen. due to stress. breathing exercises, hips stretching and now I'm basically fine. I should go to the gym, but I don't have enough money, so I keep on doing the exercises she gave me and I'm dealing fine with it.

anyway, let's mark the words DUE TO STRESS.

now, my problem is "vision loss". I'm losing a diopter each year, in both eyes. I know it, because even if I can see fine, Snellen table says I don't. I know it just because I've been having troubles with my license renewal for the last 5 years and every time I have to provide my ophthalmologist report.

since the nurse managing the visual fields room, when I took my first visual field in 2004, said 2 things that are still printed in my mind, like "come on in. but first thing first, we're letting your mom out... are you under university exams?". this two things are causes of STRESS. university exams are typical, my mom is worst than what you can even picture...

I live with my parents and since my mom is retired and I'm a freelancer (working from home), I spend 24 hours with her. she acts like normal moms (treating me like a child, complaining for old facts, not getting my jokes, etc..). and since the Italian economic situation is... doom... clients do not pay my invoices, so I don't have enough money to go to live on my own. she's never complaining for the fact I'm still living with them. opposite. she tries to scary me, picturing horrible scenarios of me living on my own, like if I wouldn't be able to. she actually "lives" in a different reality, where I'm totally dependent from her. I couldn't be alive if she wasn't here with me.

as you can see, I AM STRESSED. I think that my MS diagnoses was way too fast and easy.

this fast diopters loss in both eyes, sounds pretty unusual to me (never felt any pain during optic neuritis episodes and vision issues usually happen in one eye, mostly. my case, both eyes, same speed, same level).

I'm missing the most common symptom of all: fatigue. I'm almost invincible.

I'm also pretty "smart", speaking 3 languages: Italian, English and Actionscript (I'm a programmer, it's my main programming language).

most important, no one ever thought about investigating my stress level. I know I'm stressed. 32 years of stress.

I don't know if there some kind of MS lobby here in Italy (my hospital, together with the Milan one, is the best here), but... I don't know. compared to thousands of stories of people taking years to get a diagnosis... this vision problems (actually, I see fine, Snellen says...) so fast progressing and in both eyes... sound to me like if I'm currently treated with a medicine that's kinda hurting me, plus I'm not being cured for the condition I actually have.
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Hi there!

Though stress may cause mild blurry vision, it is unlikely to be responsible for the described vision loss. It would be difficult to comment on the diagnosis of MS, without knowing the relevant clinical details or a detailed clinical evaluation. Vision loss could occur secondary to a few causes such as refractive errors, degenerative conditions related to the eye, trauma, growths/ masses, neurological causes etc. I would suggest considering a detailed evaluation by an ophthalmologist at this time. After a specific cause is identified, it can be managed accordingly.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!

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