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ICU Psychosis
Hello all,

I don't know whether or not I am in the right forum, but I hope you guys can still help. On November 13th of this year my dad was rushed into emergency surgery because of a perforated bowel. He became septic and almost died. He was in the Surgical Critical Care Unit for a month and had to have repeated surgeries to wash him out and slowly close the wound. Since he is sensitive to anesthesia he was unconscious for a week. He had a breathing tube inserted until they did a tracheotomy and hooked the ventilator up that way. He finally came off the ventilator this past week and they plugged the trache so he could talk (no more lip reading! God that was frustrating).

While we are happy he can talk we are disturbed to find him saying the most bizarre and inappropriate things. He doesn't do it a lot and he does have his moments of clarity. This past weekend some friends were down to visit him and he was talking about his business and the things he'd like to get back too. Totally normal conversation. Then in an instant he began babbling about how when they transferred him from the other hospital (he was transferred an hour and half away to Philadelphia) that they took him to a basement in a 7-11 and tortured him and put mind control drops in his eye and all these truly horrible things. Then a few minutes later he came out of it and had a normal conversation again. It's so strange because it's like his mind is just resetting itself at various times.
I know my father went through a lot. As I said he nearly died, he was running a high fever for days and pretty much doped out of his mind for a month. He still needs more surgery on his abdomen and his eye and also physical therapy. My mom and I talked to the doctors and they mentioned ICU Psychosis so I did some research but couldn't find too much about it. I know why it is caused but, I'm afraid my dad might not get back to normal.  He is a very smart hardworking man and to see him like this makes my family and I feel frustrated and helpless. Right now they moved into a step down unit and I bought in pictures of family and friends, we decorated a bit for X-Mas and we bought a few of his comforts (rosary, a fan, music) in hopes that he'll slowly come back to reality 100%

Has anyone gone through this themselves or with a loved one? Have they gotten over it or do they still have psychological damage from the experience?
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