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Intermittant Vibrations/Humming
Yes, it is very impressive how many people are experiencing Intermittent Vibrations/Humming in their legs. I am currently investigating the autonomic nervous system, and just last evening starting noticing Intermittent Vibrations of about 2 seconds duration in my left leg also. If you are also experiencing vibrations, I would appreciate some feedback and I promise I will post my results quickly for all to see. First I'm going to list my questions and then the format to post your answers in. I know this will seem like a lot of info, but please bear with me. Again Thanks!

The information I would like is:
1- your online name
2- your age
3- gender
4- the main location where you feel the vibrations
5- how often they occur (in minutes)
6- how long they last (in seconds)
7- where do you regularly carry your cell phone (if you don't have/carry a cell phone put 0)
8- the name(s) of any chronic diseases you have (if none, put none)

Please post your response in this format (example)

Frank00, 57, m, L leg, 1, 2, L hip, diabetes

I will post my results within 2 weeks. Please keep an eye on this site in case something really big pops up.

Best regards - Frank00
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