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Is there any doctor who could deal with "degenerative brain diseas...
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Is there any doctor who could deal with "degenerative brain disease"

My little cousin has a very serious disease (in doctors opinion he has degenerative brain disease). He is just 4 and half years old and we are too much worry about him.
We already have been consulted with some neuro physician doctors in Pakistan but they said that a big part of his brain has been damaged and it can’t be recover after seeing MRI report which I’ve been uploaded here:

Some doctors say it is happened because of his late cry during his birth (he cried approx. 8 to 10 mins late after delivery) and then after 20 days of his birth he got meningitis issue and he stayed in hospital for few months but after this he had been recovered very well, he talked well, he walked well even he was a very clever and  sharp baby than others but since 5 months before he again got attack and doctors say now that he has degenerative brain disease.

Doctors also have been taken few other tests like EEG, Anti Measels antibody CSF, Blood, Liver function etc etc and I’ve upload images of those tests here:


So in doctors opinion there is no such medicine for degenerative brain disease but as he is getting fits (like when we just got a shock sometime and we scared) and he continuously getting fits in each 2,3 seconds. So neuro physician doctor has recommended some medicine for him to control his fits i.e.

1. Apival Syrup.
2. Frizium Tab.
3. Lerace Syrup
4. Debritone Syrup
5. Zinkate Syrup

In doctor’s opinion this medicine is as good as maximum to control his fits (I don’t know how to spell it but I have explained term fits above).

1. So my question is that there is no proper treatment of degenerative brain disease in this latest time of technology?
2. His situation is going bad to worse day by day with using these medicines which about doctors say this is as good as max so I just think sometime that may be doctors just couldn’t have figured out the actual issue of his disease because otherwise his situation should be little positive with using these medicines?
3. So, after watching out his medical case history is there any place in the world who could deal this dangerous disease?

He can’t speak now, can’t walk now, can’t eat now therefore he is taking all his feeds with NG tube. So, this is deeply request from the bottom of my heart, if there is any doctor in this world who could deal with this disease, please contact me as soon as possible.


Razi Shahid.
Mob: +92-333-8686356
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Avatar m tn
when my son only 4.5 month old, menigitis (meningitis) attack on him he admitted in aga khan hospital 20days but after this he had lose his milestone such as hearing lose, vision lose nack holding doctor susgest Sibril 500mg (vigabritin ) after using this he has lose Vision  
Avatar m tn
asslam o alaikum mera beta bihee kuch aisay maslay say guzar rah hay wo shahid padaishi aisa tah hum nay usay bohat say docters ko dikhya isb may blue maqbaool azam thay lakin koi khas farq nahi para
lahore children hospital may dr adnan aslam hain neuro specilst un say allaj karwa rehay hain hum ab behtar hay bachay may improvment hay pehlay wo move nahi karta tah ab bed per ghoomnay lag gaya hay bed say gir jata hay agar ehtiyat na ki jay shor dalnay lag gaya hay ghussa karnay lagga hay feel karna shuru kia hay us nay
Avatar m tn
Dear Haleeb bhai,
Kindly complete Address bata dain es hospital ka tha may apni bate ko ly jawon.

S.Tahir Shah
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