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Isaac's disease?
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Isaac's disease?

I am submitting this question on behalf of my mother.

Just over a year ago, my mom and I were in a car accident where we got rear ended. Immediately my mom's back went hot and hard, like the muscles were rocks and on fire. The ER doctor did nothing but give her pain killers and she went on her "merry" way. Once we finally got to our family doctor, he said she had a concussion and the muscles we're probably just tense from the impact still and that she had to wait 6 weeks to see if it improved.

a year and a half before the accident she had a fusion done in her back and was worried something had happened to the surgery site (before the accident she was back to her normal VERY active lifestyle). as a percaution she went to see the orthopedic surgeon to investigate and eventually he informed her that it was probably the spinal cord and he could do nothing for her this time. he referred her to both a neurologist and a neurosurgeon who did nothing for her either (both very bad and not compassionate what so ever).

Presently her symptoms are spasms in her legs, feet and groin area. Her leg spasms can last up to an hour sometimes and they are quite violent-- shaking and just uncontrolable. In her feet, her toes stand up (where as she can never move them herself anyways) and you have to force them back to normal for her- as a result of this, her one toe's tendant is now permantly damaged and requires extensive surgery. Her toes sometimes as a part of her spasms start "dancing" moving one by one very quickly (I can't even make my toes do that!). Her back is still in a lot of pain and she can't walk long distances, or stand for a long time, or sit. Compared to her back and legs, the arm and neck pain she experiences isn't as bad.

Recently, my mom visited another neurologist that she was sent to by the insurance company (who might I add wasn't even going to help her or answer her questions). While she was in his office she went into her spasms and he started to be concerned. He has suggested that it could be Isaac's disease and it was probably pre existing but the symptoms we're triggered by the accident. Are there other diseased or anything else that it could be??

We don't know much about Isaac's disease yet and are trying to get an idea. She is now referred to another specialist and hopefully the doctor will be able to help, but there isn't a date for an appointment yet and we would like to do our research.

Thank you!
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Hi there. I empathise with you and your mother. Isaac’s syndrome is a rare neuromuscular disorder caused by hyperexcitability and continuous firing of peripheral nerve axons that activate muscle fibers. Symptoms are progressive muscle stiffness, continuously contracting muscles, cramping, delayed muscle relaxation, even during sleep. Many develop weak reflexes and muscle pain. Stiffness is most obvious in limb and trunk muscles, speech and breathing may be affected. The etiology is mostly autoimmune.
Treatment is with phenytoin and carbamazepine cause relief from stiffness, spasms and pain. There is no cure for the syndrome. The long term prognosis is uncertain. Take care.

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