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Knee that is randomly bending backwards
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Knee that is randomly bending backwards

Hi!  Does anyone know if PN sufferers have this?  My knees randomly nearly collapse backwards when I stand up or are standing and it is increasing more and it is with both knees.  It has caused me to nearly loose my balance.

Also, still need t hear is anyone knows of a better med for PN than Lyrica or Cymbaltra.  I am on the Lyria at a high dose and the side affects are nearly as bad as that of the PN.

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hey this sounds scary Im maybe off but I have a PCL tear are your PCL's torn?
I would be very careful. This is the major muscle that connects the upper leg to the
lower leg. but mine was from an injury. You may have something wrong wity you PCL
Im thinking and if this happens too much your into bigger problems. If you  have insurance get to a PCL specialist!
It took me 7 orthopaedics to find my problem! Best wishes to you
Do not go to just a regular orthopadic doctor. You can find a PCL specialist at a SportsMedicine clinic at a larger medical center in a larger city. They are not easy to find.

I am also on Lycria it is for nerve damage not pain. when the Pcl or the subluxation that your talking about happens over and over again it causes nerve damage.

Also I have a brace for my leg too. I am trying to get surgery done on my knee.
But I dont know if this type of surgery would help you cause I dont even know if it
is your PCL. But I betcha it may be!

Get to a PCL spcecalaist.

another tid bit for you!

I had an mri done on my knee and it was misread because it was NOT read by a PCL
specailist I was on a merrigoround of orthopaedics till I went to a PCL specailist who set me right!

I hope I have helped you!

God bless and good luck!

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To show you how uninformed on this I am, I don't know what a PCL is!  Please enlighten me!  :-)  I don't recall any physical injury to cause this.  It just started up out of nowhere and I am not feeling pain, but it throws my balance off and if it were not becoming more frequent, then I wouldn't be so concerned.

So should I go to a PCL ?? and tell them I have the PN issue, as well?  

I have already had a shoulder surgery that was quite painful for months and am a little nervous about another possible surgery.  I want to know for sure.

Thanks for your response!
Sunny Lee
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