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L5 Damage due to an LP?
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L5 Damage due to an LP?

On the 16th of November I went in for an LP to determine whether or not I have M.S.
I was DX originally in 1987 and went into almost full remission by 1990. In 1999 I had a full blown flare-up and since that time I've had several doctors and Neuros confirm I have M.S. by way of several MRI findings and several flare-ups that responded well to Solumedrol treatments. For the last 4 years I've been on oral steroids as they seemed to be the only drug that has kept the inflamation (inflammation) down. I tried all the ABC drugs a few years back only to have bad side effects.
Now recently in the last month I saw a new neuro who questioned whether I have M.S. at all. I have 4 lesions, one slightly grown in 2 years in the pons region and just on 12/01/07 had a triple MRI which shown 2 new lesions in the right temp. lobe.
On the 11/16/07 I went in for an LP since the Neuro I saw said he would not treat the M.S. unless I had the LP. Feeling backed into a corner I agreed to have it done.
The Neuro who did the LP gave me I.V. pain meds and a sedative to make the proceedure more comfortable. Except for the first couple of shots of Lidocain I felt and remembered nothing.
However my husband was present during the LP and he said when the Neuro inserted the first needle into my back I cried out and said there was pain shooting down my left leg. Sciatic pain it's been called. I asked the Neuro apparently if that was normal and his response was, it could be. The fact was he missed the first time and had to puncture again this time in the correct area.
The fluid was the drawn and after a couple of hours of lying flat was sent home.
I didn't feel to bad for the first couple of days except sore in the back region where the LP was done.
By day three however things went real bad. I had 5 seizures in two days, lost baldder control for 2 days, had an extreme spinal headache and terrible pain in my lower back with pain shooting down my left leg. I was also very weak in both legs.
By Monday the 26th of November I was admitted into the hospital for I could barely walk and the pain was unbearable.
I thought perhaps I was having an M.S. flare but after a MRI of the L4-5 area showed a disc slipping and compressing on nerves, it was then thought that the real problem was the disc and not the M.S.
Now before I had the LP I had not had this severe pain, however I had weakness in both legs in the past.
I asked all the doctors I saw while in the hospital if the LP could have brought on this back/sciatica pain. A Neuro Sugeon said that it was possible there had been a nerve root iritation due to the proceedure. But that the disc was most likely already a problem from who knows how it got there.
Now my options are physical therapy, pain control by medications and if that does not work, surgery to remove the disc.
Now here's where it gets interesting. While in the hospital one of my night nurses told me there was another patient who also had an LP the week before by the same Neuro and was admitted into the hospital with parallysis (sp). This other patient also had 'probable M.S.' yet this Neuro would not believe they had it until an LP was performed. The Neuro apparently hit the wrong spot on this other patient 3 times before getting it right. The patient as a result of the LP was left unable to walk.
So now there's two patients from the same Neuro who were rendered unable to walk. I can walk now myself but I'm very weak in both legs and the pain, sciatic pain is intolerable.
I was told by a doctor that the normal protacal before an LP is to get a CT scan of the L4/5 area BEFORE doing the LP to make sure there's no damage to any discs. I or the other patient did not get this done.
My question is this: If a person already has a damaged disc in the area a LP is done and an LP is performed, can it result in long term damage to the already damaged disc? Also does a negative LP mean that you don't have active M.S.?
I can't seem to get a straight answer from any of the doctors I saw while in the hospital to this question.
Thank you for your time and response to my question.
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I had had an MRI neck and spine in May 2008 to which I had never received the results. On 11/26/08 I passed out and went to the ER. I was kept overnight and had a brain CT and MRI. I too had no pain until I had a LP to determine if I have MS on 12/23/08.I had Spinal Headache immediately and was in the ER twice afterwards. I asked in ER about a blood patch, to which I was told "Good luck finding a doctor to do it." The dr who did the Spinal Tap referred a doctor for the patch, in the same building as the ER, and the headache is slightly better. During the Tap, I got a sharp pain in my right side, buttocks to my toes; this happened twice. Since the blood patch, I have now had severe pain in both legs, sciatic I assume from research. 1/5 - 1/7/09 I've had a 48 hour EEG to be removed today. I have no results from the Spinal Tap for the MS. The MRI shows to FLAIR lesions on the brain. The Spinal MRI (which I had to go pay for the results - doctor kept cancelling appts.) shows 2 lesions on the spine.
My immediate problem is the severe headaches and leg pain. Could this be from the Spinal Tap? From the blood patch?
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