Light Headedness, Feeling Weak, & Headaches
by Spencer001, Nov 02, 2007

I have been feeling light headed for several months and the symptoms are definitely getting worse.  I have done lots of searching on the internet and found various articles that discuss this issue - but I have identified that there are numerous posts relating to this disorder and it is very difficult to find any recommendations on how to cure this problem.  I stumbled on this website and I found that a user called bahama_boy posted the below message in this forum and the symptoms are identical to mine - furthermore he is the same age as me!  I was so hoping that the discussion thread would be more lengthy with a conclusion of some sort but this is not present.  

If by any chance bahama_boy is still part of this forum I would be exceptionally interested in knowing how he resolved this problem - or whether he has resolved the problem.

I would be interested in knowing of other people who are suffering from these exact symptoms.  I would like to work together with a group of people to help us collectively resolve this horrible feeling.

Finally, if any advice can be provided by Doctors reading this thread I would be very grateful if you could give your recommendations.  If you need any additional information please contact me.

In summary my symptoms are:

-Tightness or restrictive pressure feeling in the middle of chest

-feeling sensation of a strap across my forehead sometimes

-constant Dizzy light headed feeling

-very light headaches

-my energy level fluctuates from day to day.  some days feeling really bad and other days feeling not so bad (I never feel good!).

-I always feel fatigued / tired.

-my arms and legs feel numb/tingly (this is not major *apparently* as I have had a check up with my Doctor).

34yrs-Male, non-drinking -non smoker- No known family history of heart problems, Mother and father with hi-blood and hypertension.

6 years of migraine headaches with avg of 2-4 attacks a year.

High stress, memory is not as good as it used to be also ability to concentrate is not so good either due to feeling lightheaded.

During the past 18 months I have found that my energy levels have dropped, I am feeling more and more fatigued and my light headedness feeling is getting worse.  These symptoms are definitely gettingt worse and I need to stop this trend otherwise soon I will feel too poorly to even do more job.

My neck aches - but this is probably due to me working on a computer thus sitting in the same position constantly.  I did however read that anxiety and dizziness can be related to having the first and second vertebrae of the neck out of place - and this can potentially be resolved by visiting a chiropractor - I will be investigating this (reference  

No loss of weight.

I do have stomache / bowel problems - my stomache is frequently irritable and I find that most nights I awake due to the mild stomach pains I receive.  Also, I frequently awaken during the night to go to the toilet and urinate (sometimes 2-3 times per night!).  Generally my quality of sleep is poor - but I do try and get between 8-10 hours sleep every night.  When I awaken I never feel revitalised - I still feel very fatigued and this is a horrible way to start the day.  I also awake dizzy and have a mild headache which generally lasts a few minutes.  My thought process here is that the poor quality sleep may be causing me to feel lightheaded as my body has not had an opportunity to rejuvenate fully.  Hence if I resolve my stomache pains and bowel problem this could result in some quality sleep which will resolve the dizzyness problem.  Just a guess...

Finally, I do not think stress is the main issue here.  I do have a stressful job but I recently went on a holiday for 3 weeks and did not think about work at all!  However I still suffered from the exact same symptoms and felt just as bad.  

If anyone can provide some advice I would *really* appreciate it....

Best regards



-Tightness or restrictive pressure feeling in the middle of chest

-feeling sensation of a strap across my forehead sometimes

-constant Dizzy light headed feeling

very light headaches

33yrs-Male, non-drinking -non smoker- No known family history of heart problems, Mother and father with hi-blood and hypertension.

10 yrs of migraine headaches with avg of 2-4 attacks a year usually between the months of July and Nov, I used to have problems with my sinus.

High stress (job and two kids with SS-decease and relationship stress),ALSO NOTICABLE SHORT TERM MEMORY LOSS OVER PAST 6 YEARS.

No loss of weight, extreme pain to ear during return air travel in early august 2003 while recovering from a flu, departure flight was ok (period before return was 2 weeks).

I've been feeling tired and dizzy, kinda drugged-light head feeling for the past 6 weeks. I sometimes feel the sensation of band across my forehead and would rub my head to rid the feeling.

Twice the dizziness got to the point where I felt out of control and or lose my balance (sitting and walking).

Recently in the 7 days I developed discomfort in my chest more like a restriction to breathing with the feeling of mild pain

and pressure that builds where a good cough seems to relieve it some. The sometimes dull and mild pain seems to move from center to upper chest between the nipple and center.

The two occasions When the dizziness became extreme, I had an EKG done, blood works, ENT exam and x-rays, the results were

good except for my cholesterol being a little high at 211 and the ENT where I was told I had a mild ear infection.

Still using the medication for the past 13 days and I'm not feeling any better.


Oh I almost forgot to mention I was in a car crash where I was knocked from the rear, I did  feel a little soar in the neck area a few hours after but after 3 to 4 days everything seem OK (just thought I should mention it!)

Medication List:

Claritine 10mg (one a day for 10 days-completed)

B-COMPLEX Capsules (one a day)

MAG-OX 400 TAB (one a day -30 TABS @ 5 X REFILLS)



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Member Comments (21)
by patser, Dec 11, 2007
How are you these days ? It eems a while since you posted I am curently suffering simular symptoms and its either chronic sinusitus or post viral fatiuge which can last for years its really stressing me out . All the tablets damage the stomach aswell . It is nasty when there is something within your own body that does not end and has no reason. I have my symptoms forthe last 4 months and its just a living night mare maybe your not as bad as me I dont know
by ivy28, Mar 26, 2008
Hi Spencer,

Just like to know if you were able to resolve your problem. I am basically suffering the same fate as yours, only i do not get chest pains.  But the dizziness, troubled sleep and all that, i get also. At first i suspected that i have lightheadedness due to lack of sleep or is it because i have allergic rhinitis.

basically my symptoms are : constant lightheadedness
                                       troubled sleeping (occasional stomach ache that disturbs my sleep also)
unstable feeling (feeling of tumbling down anytime)
fatigue and low energy levels
sneezing or clogged nose (due to rhinitis i think)

And most of your other symptoms i get sometimes.  But what's bothering me is that this lightheadedness is beginning to hamper my day to day activity.  I feel sluggish and uneasy all day.

I hope you can share with us if you've resolved this problem already.
by emahmedx, Apr 06, 2008
i feel weak like lack of feeling dizzy cant feel when i swallow and my heart seems to beat slow what is wrong with me
by kenn5051, Aug 28, 2008
Wow, everything u wrote is just as I would write it myself. Chest pains, dizziness: almost as if I cannot hold myself up because I'm so weak at the same time. light headed, headache, tightness of chest, fatigued,  migrane, stress, neck ache, stomach ache within last week or two. I had an MRI of my brain because of recent head injury. That was ruled out. I went Tuesday morning 4 blood work to c if anything will show up there. I had to leave work early yesterday because I was feeling that bad I could not finish my work which is intense @ FedEx graveyard shift. I called in tonight because I am still very weak.
by bbygrl4u, Sep 17, 2008
Try some manuka honey it will help I was diagnosed with H.pylori I had never heard of it and after two years and the unnecessary surgery of my gall bladder that was what it was.The antibiotics they gave me to treat it made me very sick and hallucinate and not know where I was so I tried the manuka honey wonderful I feel like me again and no side affects only good ones.
by PlateletGal, Sep 17, 2008

The posters symptoms sound like they could also be due to CFS/ME.
by bum_diddy_buhmm, May 17, 2009
iim 14 and i have been getting lots of headaches, and feeling light headed, my friend said im in a weird mood some times and looks like im on drugs just because of my mood change. ii dunno what to do, and i dont want to worry my mum,
in 2005 i had a bladder infection, and they related thhat with my headaches.?

please help

by cookieman101, May 20, 2009
hi it is possible that you have carbon monoxide poisoning  I DO   alot of same symtoms do you have a carbon monoxide tester at home or work if not get 2  go to this website co headquarters to check out your symtoms good luck
by mel1210, Dec 23, 2009
hi spencer, all your symptoms are mirror to mine to a tea, the dizziness and feeling of fainting has been a very new thing but has taken me by complete suprise, and is very very scarey, i have seen a doctor who is sending me for tests but i have still yet to get them done, my sleep patterns have also gotten worse and my sleep is unbearable, hard to get to sleeep and hard to stay asleep, i have been having these problems now for the last two years and they are getting worse but i feel like a hypocondriac or nobody seems to understand the stop it puts on your life, i have days every week where i can pass out and sleep all day and nothing can wake me its as if something else has taken over my body, i was once asleep for a week solid and no one could fully wake me, it scares me to bits as i have little children at home. i truly hope you have had some respite or answers to your symptoms and if so would really love to hear about them or even just an update.....   mel :)