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Lightheaded, trouble breathing, numbness, pupils different sizes and un...
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Lightheaded, trouble breathing, numbness, pupils different sizes and unresponsive to light

Two days ago I was sitting down and all of the sudden I got really light headed and just felt really funny. Just about when I got light headed I started having trouble breathing. I made my way over to the sink and as I was leaning on the sink I looked in the mirror and noticed that my right pupil was HUGE while my left pupil was teeny tiny. My arms, chest, and head got totally numb. My fingers were starting to tingle on both hands. I started feeling as though I was going to pass out. I hurried up and dialed 911. When the paramedics got here - they asked me all sorts of questions, shined lights in my eyes. They said neither pupil was responsive to the light at all. The one just stayed huge while the other stayed tiny. They said my blood pressure was 190 over 106. I have never had trouble with blood pressure. It eventually went back down later in the day.

I had not hit my head, I don't drink, smoke or do drugs, I have not had problems with headaches or neck pain prior to this.

I was a little number on the right side than the left side but I had equal strength on both sides and I could move my eyes fine. No drooping in my face or anything.

They did a cat scan, chest x-ray,  blood work and everything came back normal. They sent me to an opthamologist and he said something was wrong with my eye but he didnt know what. He got my pupil to shink down with some sort of drop.

I had neurologist, doctors, opthomologists, neurologic opthamologist and nobody could figure it out.

The hospital sent me home but I am scared and frustrated because I don't know what it was and if or when it will happen again

NOW I have been having really bad pain in the sides of my neck. It HURTS BAD at times. I don't know if my neck hurting would have anything to do with what happend? I don't even know what happened.

Has anyone ever had this happen? What was it?
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I sometimes have a similar experience.  I have high blood pressure and high lipid readings, and I'm overweight.  Whenever I go out to do grocery shopping or visit a physician, when I get back, both my eyes are dilated big-time.  So, my guess is you have some sort of circulatory dysfunction, and despite all the tests that came back normal, and I think your blood pressure is the best evidence that a cardiology doctor might have some answers, altho your regular doc can give you medicines to help with the high pressure... beta blockers are pretty mild and relax a person, too.  Also, when they did your blood tests, they should have checked your cholesterol levels, and also when they did the cuff thing, they should have checked oxygenation levels.  Me, I know if I would just exercise and lose weight, plus eat stuff that will reduce cholesterol (garlic, for example), all this jazz would go away, but I'm disabled so it's hard for me to keep up in any consistent way.  But I think it's your heart and blood pressure and circulatory system that may be goofed up.  Hope this helps.
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