Loss of sensation and muscle strength only on right side of body
by ch887552, Mar 26, 2008
I have been experiencing some extremely odd symptoms that many doctors have not been able to answer; including Mayo Clinic of Jacksonville. These symptoms include: lack of sensation (temperature, touch, etc.) on the entire right side of my body, lack of muscle strength (also only on the right side of my body), hearing difficulties (right ear and went to 7 different doctors including Mayo Clinic and say that there is NOTHING wrong with my physical ear or hearing that they can test for), extreme fatigue, not sleeping well and dizziness (not experienced every day as opposed to the previous symptoms). Even though I do experience these symptoms every day, they can fluctuate but they never return back to the normal sensation. For example one day I was running water in the sink to wash dishes and I tested the water with my right hand and it didn't seem warm so I tested it with my left hand and burned my hands pretty badly. I was involved in a couple of serious car accidents so I have been to every neurologist, phydiatrist (sp? the ones that stick you with needles and electricity), and orthopedic doctor in the state of Florida it seems like. The MRI's of my cervical say that there is only swelling from the whiplash; the thorasic MRI showed slight herniated disk along with four degenerative disks, and a spur which was shunned off as if I was born with it. My brain MRI with contrast did not show any type of abnormality. All of the testing for the needle and electricity test turned out normal on all accounts. They I started to look to other places since one blood test said that my B-12 was low for someone that is 22 years old. After extensive testing (3 different doctors), each said that there is nothing that they can do for me and that they will monitor me to make sure that it doesn't get worse. I KNOW there is something that is wrong and I have no idea who or where to turn to. I am so young and experiencing all of these crazy phenomenons and I am terrified that there might be any help for me. If anyone could please give me some insight about your knowledge and/or personal experience I would greatly appreciate it because I am losing hope really really fast and starting to give up since all of the other doctors have already. Any and all help would be extremely beneficial. Thank you for your time and consideration.  
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by scottysharpes, Oct 26, 2008
I can relate to everything you're feeling man.  I'm 18 and was in a car accident where the truck we were in flew off the road, over a guard-rail, and down 15 feet, landing on my side of the truck.  I slammed my whole right side off the door and ever since I've been experiencing the same deal.  Loss of strength throughout my entire right side, ear aches and hearing difficulties in my right ear, and all the muscles on the right side of my face seem to not work as well as before.  When I lift my head up and down my back right neck muscle shakes and feels as though my left neck muscle is doing all the work. I can't feel any of my body weight on my right side along with no sensations, I can feel warmth and cold, but not as accurately as I can with my left hand or foot.  I too had the Nerve Conduction Testing done but just on my lower body (butt, legs, and feet) and it all showed normal.  I've also had an MRI of my lower back and that showed normal as well.  The only thing that they mentioned to me was a degenerative disk, but they said it was normal.  Also my Neurologist can't figure anything out either, which really has me worried.  I'm thinking that maybe I tore something in my groin and also something either in my shoulder or at the base of my neck, like a partial tear on a ligament or maybe even a complete tear.  Like, I have no body awareness from the back of my head and down my shoulder to my hand.  It's all hard to explain but I have a couple appt's set up with a physical therapist and a sports doctor to look at my groin and shoulder/neck.  My accident happened back in February, the day before my birthday :) what an awesome birthday present that was.  And it just seems to be getting worse and I too am frustrated with my doctors scratching their heads with no answers for me.  And also not being able to play my last year of lacrosse or doing anything physical has got me down.  Any help on this would be wonderful and both of us would appreciate it.  Thanks.   - Scotty
by alwaysweston, Nov 10, 2008
wow, i have had the exact same thing symptom wise. no car accident though. i thought it was from drugs and antidepressants (serotonin syndrome) but really, i cant figure it out. my doctors cant figure it out. and my doctors dont seem to WANT to figure it out. (******* HMOs)
by jenksak, Nov 11, 2008
We are rowing the same boat here. . . .After complaining of this sensation and that pain and this weakness and hearing loss, ear pain, etc for 14 years. . . .after being offered antidepressants by multiple doctors because  I'm female and I must be depressed. . . . I finally was having intermittent paralysis, marked weakness, difficulty swallowing, headaches that felt like ice picks in the back of my head, and head pressure that felt like my head was going to explode.  Then, I had an episode where I passed out because my heart was racing and slowing--only to find out that my blood pressure was going way up, too, along with some bowel incontinence.  An angel of mercy listened to me and promised to figure out what was going on because I was obviously NOT anxious or depressed.  He found my broken neck with incomplete SCI.  I had surgery almost 2 years ago now.  I was told things would improve.  Only my hearing issues have improved some, but I can walk and that is a miracle.  I still have a kink in my spinal cord at C5-6.  Since it has been there for (maybe) 14 years, it may never heal or may have so much scar tissue that it cannot self repair.

I never wanted to be told that reading about SCI has suggested symptoms to me, so this is the first time in almost 16 years that I have done any "research."  As a nurse, I have some knowledge, but not all of my symptoms fall into the neat little box that medicine likes to create.  I am so glad to have found this forum and thank you all for sharing these painful issues.  We are not alone.
by sl8991, Feb 16, 2009
I have almost the same symptoms as you, except mine is on my left side, I got a pretty serious neck injury about 3 months ago. Already been to a neurologist who insisted everything was perfectly fine, a back specialist who told me to come back if things get worse, physical therapy, and already at 2 chiropractors. I have loss of sensation (although not too severe) on my entire left side of the body. Supposedly this is not normal, because if you have a disc or nerve damage from neck injuries, you're only spposd to feel it in a particular part of your body (ex: down your arm for instance). I also have weakness in my left arm and left leg, which come and go, and like yourself, my left ear has been feeling a bit funny (it's been echo-y and weird the past 3 months). I got my hearing and my ear checked out and the doctor said that everythign is normal. Doctors dont seem to want to get to the bottom of it,a nd keep telling me that i just need to monitor my pain and others have thought I was paranoid. If you find out anything on what this could be, please let me know and I will do the same. I'm only 21, and I am freaking out, especially because i haven't gotten any answers.
by jenksak, Feb 18, 2009
Sorry you are having these problems.  My issues were markedly worse on the left side of my body.  I would tell you NOT to see chiroprators. . . I was told that if I had, I would not have walked out alive due to the undiagnosed cord compression.  Be careful.  In my case, it was a matter of having the situation escalate and the right doctor there. . .
by Crystal26Lake, Jun 06, 2009
I have the the exact symptoms on my right side(except for hearing loss).I noticed in a few nights ago ,I woke up in the night and I had no coordination and felt I my foot leg and arm on the right side felt heavy and weird. I also tested my bath water yesterday and I thought it was perfect temp and then I put my left hand in and got burned.I have a loss of coordination on one side of my body. Even typing is a task right now .also I slightly notice that lips are tingly on one side and I am having spells of dizziness..i am so freaked out about this .I was thinking I might have had a small stroke..but I am only 26.I am  hesitant to see my doctor because they arent very good  (I cant change them because of my insurance) they misdiagnosed my liver problems for almost two years and it was a friends dad that actually helped me and saved my life with a diagnosis .I am not sure whats going on but I noticed my symptoms and yours are quite similar..yet I have never had an injury to my neck or back that I can remember.I hope you feel better and find out whats going on:)
by mca2005, Jun 08, 2009
I have the exact symptoms on my left side more than my right side. After a car accident in 2005, I found it impossible to get a doctor to take any notice. Then a year later a Specialist said he was sure it was a aneurysm near the base of my scull causing the symptoms. After a angio of my brain and neck, it was comfirmed I have aneurysms with are causing the symptoms. The system with car accident insurers make it difficult to get  accurate medical reports including radiology reports.
by dmoff123, Aug 19, 2009
I have been experiencing the same thing as all of you. My main concern is that it feels like I am losing any muscular tissue in my left side. The skin is looser, not as much tone from the face to my toes, waking up with night sweats every night, and swollen lymphnodes in my groin along with my neck. I am really getting worried but the docs seem to think I am fine. Sorry to hear about you all and please post new and or any progress.

by bookwoman1962, Sep 23, 2009
I, too, have L side loss of sensation that occurs on and off... my face, arm, leg and especially foot.  I was told it was TIA's and then silent migraines.  I am going out of my mind worrying.