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MRI/MRA Brain Results
I am a female in my mid-forties who has been suffering severe right-sided facial pain and light sensitivity, constant right-sided head pressure with periods of intense pain, numbness/tingling of head/scalp, right arm/hand/finger neuropathy, severe neck pain, right leg pain and difficulty walking on right foot/leg.

I have Sjogren's Syndrome, Hasimoto's Thyroiditis and Osteoarthritis/Degenerative Disc Disease at all levels. I have undergone cervical spinal surgery (laminectomy/foramenoty) in '08 to decompress C5-6-7 nerves. Recent blood work shows high autoimmune disease activity (SSB++, ANA 1:640). My rheumatologist is concerned about extraglanduluar CNS autoimmune Sjogren's/vasculitis, and we have been evaluating treating with immunosuppressants.

Over the last few months, the symptoms have been increasing and are unbearable. The recent MRI of the C-Spine reveals severe DDD and mild stenosis.

I need help deciphering my MRI/MRA Brain results (I see my Neurosurgeon next week). Results show the following:

MRA Impression:
1. Incomplete circle of Willis, with probable congenital absence of the left posterior communicate artery. Very hypoplastic right posterior communicating artery is believed to be present. Otherwise unremarkable circle of Willis.

MRI Impression:
1. Bilateral maxillary sinus chronic disease with a retention cyst on the right side measuring 12.7 mm widest diameter.
2. Normal alignment is noted at both temporomandibular joints, however mild arthritic changes are believed to be present on the left.
3. No intracranial abnormalities are identified.
4. No abnormalities are identified within the expected distributions of cranial nerve V.  
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