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I'm a 47 year old dance instructor, studio owner.  In 2009 I fell on a tile floor, injuring my left hip and left shoulder.  I had shoulder surgery and recovery has taken several years.  I've blamed a lot of stiffness and recurring neck pain on that whole trauma.  
THEN, after performing at the end of a very grueling dance season on May 19, 2012, without injury or incident, I took a plane trip followed by a weekend, with a lot of exercise, followed by strenuous work and moving.
I began to have extreme pain:  Left side of neck, arm, and numbness predominately in my Left forefinger.  Excruciating.  I went through prednisone, painkillers etc.  X-Rays ultimately showed a bone spur on the Left C6.
Finally MRI, report is as follows:

The craniocervical junction anatomy is unremarkable.
There is a straight cervical alignment
The cervical and upper thoracic cord are normal.
Multilevel spondylosis will be described below in detail oon a lovel-by-level basis:

At C2-C3: Early facet arthoropathy
At C3-C4: No significant abnormality
At C4-C5: Left paracentral disc osteophyte complex with borderline stenosis.
At C5-C6: Broad disc-uncovertebral osteophyte complex with mild stenosis.
At C6-C7: Left lateralizing disc osteophyte complex with moderate to sever left foramen stenosis.  Correlate for left C7 radiculopathy.
At C7-T1: No significant abnormality.
The cervical vertebral and carotid artery flow-voids appear unremarkable.
No neck mass or suspect adenopathy is seen.

1. Multilevel cervical spondylosis. Etc
2. Normal cervical cord.

Does anyone have insight or experience with these conditions, treatments, or restored wellness?  Thank you!
Tags: MRI, mri results, Pain, treatment, Neck, surgery, multilevel, spondylosis, radiculopathy, early facet arthropathy, paracentral disc, osteophyte complex, broad disc-uncovertebral, foramen stenosis
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Hi there!

Well, the MRI described multiple level mild-moderate degenerative changes along the cervical spine. With narrowing of the spaces that carry the spinal nerves and possible compression of the spinal nerve at C7 level, which could be responsible for your symptoms.
        With associated neural compression a surgical approach to relieve the pressure on the nerve root is typically advised. I would suggest discussing the situation and the management plan in detail with your treating neurologist.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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