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MRI results

Vertebral alignment is normal. Severe disc space narrowing and
degenerative changes are identified at L4-L5, greater on the left than
right. Mild disc space
narrowing is seen at L2-L3. There is evidence of degenerative disc disease
with disc desiccation at
L2-L3 through L4-L5. Hypertrophic ligamentous and facet joint changes are
visualized throughout the
lumbar spine, most notably at L2-L3 through L4-L5. Minimal posterior disc
bulging is identified at
L1-L2. There is a large diffuse posterior disc protrusion along with
moderate to severe central
spinal canal stenosis and complete effacement of the anterior subarachnoid
space at L2-L3. A
smaller diffuse posterior disc bulge is visualized at L3-L4 and moderate
canal stenosis is seen at
this level. There is also diffuse posterior disc bulging at L4-L5. A
partial laminectomy defect is
suspected at this level and mild to moderate central spinal canal stenosis
is visualized at L4-L5.
There is no significant enhancing epidural soft tissue consistent with
postsurgical scar
contributing to canal stenosis. Aside from these findings, there is
significant neural foraminal
narrowing at L3-L4 on the right and at L4-L5 on the left. Foraminal
narrowing is also seen at L2-L3
bilaterally and at L4-L5 on the right. No suspicious bony signal
abnormality or enhancement is
identified. The paraspinal soft tissues appear unremarkable. There are
small bilateral renal cysts
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