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MS or Fibro?
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MS or Fibro?

I am 28 y/o female, I have had spinal/back probs since age 12, and have had 8 surgeries since then. I am very familiar with all the feelings of back pain, hip pain, nerve pain in my legs, and tension headaches that are all tied to my chronic back issues. However, lately I have noticed quite a few NEW things.
I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia by an urgent care Dr. about 9 months ago. Also, I had been on pretty much every narcotic/opiate pain med under the sun since age 12, BUT I quit using them 10 months ago and only used medical MJ for about 5 months, and had to stop that because it was too expensive. So I basically have not had any pain control (aside from a few ER/clinic visits for a couple days' worth of pain meds) for 5-6 months, because I got a new GP Dr. while on the MMJ and I made the mistake of mentioning to him that I was trying the MMJ because I wanted to TRY to go without pain pills. I wish I never would have mentioned pain pills to him at ALL. Now every time I have seen him, crying and exhausted and depressed and in severe pain, and telling him I'm off the MMj because I can't afford it and I really needed some pain relief, he just avoids it or says no, or like he tried putting me 'trials' of Lyrica, Cymbalta, Gabapentin, etc... I had been on them all before but no pain relief, and the side-effects were horrendous! After my Dr. ignored my calls about the last trial and the side effects for over a WEEK, I just went off of it myself because I was literally ready to kill myself because of the pain and depression. So I saw him the other day and told him I was off it. He had actually told me before these meds that if none of them worked he'd give me Norco, which is all I wanted anyway because it worked best for me, much better than the SUPER strong drugs. But, shocker, he didn't want to give me any. He basically was ready to send me home and expect me to start PT and go see all these other people when I could barely crawl out of bed to the bathroom anymore.
So, I noticed several things this past few days. First, I have been having an increasingly hard time swallowing. It scares me a lot, because I have started inhaling stuff when I can't swallow and have almost choked to death a few times. (I live alone, and also note I quit the Cymbalta about a week ago.) Along with that problem is massive dry mouth, and the occasional feeling I am gagging on something when I have nothing in my mouth. My other symptoms are getting worse also:
@Severe fatigue & drowsiness - I actually was having the same problem here when I was on the painkillers like Morphine and sometimes high dose Norco, but this time I am not on anything like that. I pretty much can't sleep at night well at all, I get up all the time to do things or read, don't get to sleep until 4am or later. But even if I sleep 10 hours on a good night, the next day I can't keep my eyes open and keep dozing off anywhere.
@Vision Problems - Just in the past few days it has gone from having some eye pain and dryness, maybe double vision (but I have bad eyesight anyway, most of my life), then last night and even earlier today, I have been having visual hallucinations, vertigo and dizziness, etc. I keep seeing things in the corner of my vision and I see them clearly, but of course they go once I try to look. I also had a spell where I was laying down for a nap and I noticed a lot of my furniture and other stuff was sort of vibrating/shaking quite a bit. It's been quite scary.
@Pain - This is hard to determine, because I have SO much of it, I can't really tell much new pain, especially now that I know a lot of pain can be from Fibro, too. I have noticed some extremely painful nerve pain down the *front* of my right leg, which I never had with my back probs. Also some eye pain and almost daily severe headaches. And I have a few days a week where my hands hurt so bad it feels like they were run over by a huge truck, and I usually can't even make a fist because of the pain level.
@Dizziness/Vertigo - Sort of grouped-in with the visual things listed above. I do get some very brief, but very bad dizzy spells, usually just sitting here, or sitting on the couch, wherever.
@Emotional changes - For sure! Ask anyone I talk to and know well, and I have been having massive mood swings. I do have chronic depression, but I have swings where one minute I will be sobbing and feeling sorry for myself and having zero hope sort-of-thing, and then just a few minutes later I turn into a cynical ***** and it's a good thing only my cats have to listen to me! I swear more than any movie you've ever seen, and I walk around being pissy and cynical (especially at the TV which I can barely tolerate anymore.)
@Respiratory Problems - I have actually been coughing a moderate amount a day for about 2 months. Coughing up stuff a lot, too. I always thought it was just from the dust and this old crap apartment, but it is listed as a symptom of MS.
@Itching - OMG, ALL the TIME! I luckily have one of those extendable metal 'Bear Claw' scratchers, and I am almost constantly using it. Especially on my legs and feet and arms. It's the kind of itch you just feel like you have to dig out. I am careful not to cut myself or anything.
@Muscle Spasms/Tremors - Ok, so I have had a severe problem with 'charlie horses' (wiki it) for at least a year, but now that my Dr. put me on Flexerill (muscle relaxer) and I take it every night and a few days here and there, my charlies seem to have stopped. However, I have noticed quite a few new 'twitches' and spasms in my facial area and head, and the one that worried me is whenever I am typing, my hands will suddenly and for no reason, just jerk or spasm quite hard, down towards the keyboard. I can usually continue after a minute.

I have a lot of other symptoms but not sure they have to do with MS, if that may be what is wrong. I am just wondering if anyone here thinks it's possible to have MS, or is it just Fibro, and being all in my head. Of course, I seem to be the unluckiest girl regarding health probs popping up almost all the time. My family just thinks I'm crazy and a hypochondriac for being concerned about it all.
Please give me your thoughts, and maybe if you have similar symptoms, it might make me feel better. Thanks for reading!
I had your symptoms, and many more, due to severe magnesium deficiency. In my case a combination of poor diet (lacking enough magnesium), high doses of vitamin D (uses up magnesium to convert to active vitamin D), and surgery (any type of stress lowers magnesium levels). Trying a good quality magnesium supplement (eg: citrate, glycinate) may see an improvement in your symptoms. If you have any kidney issues please check with your doctor first before supplementing.
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