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  Dear Doctor,
  I take Migranol and fioricet for headaches.  If I take Migranol can I take fioricet with it or later in the day if my headache hasn't improved.
  Thanks for your time.
Thanks for your question. Dehydroergotamine (Migranal) and Butalbital/
Acetaminophen/Caffeine (Fioricet) are two very commonly prescribed medications
for migraine headaches.  There is NO contraindication in using Fioricet
after using Migranal, however, one should attempt to rationalize/simplify
the medications used to control migraines, so that if a side-effect were
to occur, tracking down the responsible agent is facilitated.  For patients
that have consistently failed Migranal, one should consider the possibility
of using one the "tryptan"-class medications (e.g. sumatryptan, zomitryptan,
etc.).  Please discuss these possibilities with your primary physician.
I hope this information is helpful.  Best of luck.
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