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Mom also has LewyBody dementia complex
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Mom also has LewyBody dementia complex

My mom used to be very active, bowling, swimming, she says she can't feel her legs
and her feet hurt. She's been falling suddenly but I think, she sinks to the floor more than falling..She fell Saturday , in the home, I think against dining room chair.I just turned around a second .She was walking on her own without a cane, Now she has a broken clavicle(left) she can't stand
at all, or which much difficulty, shaking knees . no strength  . She's taking darvocet for pain, can this cause additional problems
like sweating and numbness? Maybe she had a baby stroke,she weighs 138 lbs 5ft..I have home health
care starting yeseterday. I'm alone 64 caring for her 5 yrs but up to now she was going to her bedroom
upstairs alone even and without stopping..her legs keep resting or glued to the ground. I have
a foot massager,a big unit where to feet can rest. . that seems to make her happy ..we go to the internist
but nobody ever has any helping ideas just all say there is no can i make this easier for her and me
and what is helpful . .besides just tylenol, massages, what causes the stiffness?
Thanks .. Hipro
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Avatar dr f tn
Thanks for using the forum. I am happy to address your questions, and my answer will be based on the information you provided here. Please make sure you recognize that this forum is for educational purposes only, and it does not substitute for a formal office visit with your doctor.

It sounds like your mom has been having difficulty walking with frequent falls. Also, while your title states that she has Lewy Body Dementia Complex, you do not elaborate on this further in your description, so it is not clear if she has this diagnosis or not. In any case, without being able to examine her and obtain a history, I can not provide her with a diagnosis. however, I will try to provide you with some information in general falling and other issues related to your post.

In older adults, there can be not one but multiple factors that contribute to falling.

It sounds like your mother is in pain. This may be due to arthritis, but it could also be due to a neuropathy, or a problem with the nerves to the legs. Some neuropathies (sensory neuropathies, those that affect the nerves that provide sensation to our legs) can lead to falls because if the person can not feel the floor and other sensations and information that our body is constantly receiving as we walk, falls occur. There are many many causes of sensory neuropathy, but diabetes is one of the most common. There is treatment for the pain associated with neuropathy, if this diagnosis is made.

If your mother does suffer from Lewy Body Dementia, then falling can unfortunately be expected and should be anticipated in this condition. Lewy Body Dementia is, as you may know, associated with several features of Parkinson's disease, and gait instability with falls is common. While there is no direct treatment to reverse the process, several measures can be taken to prevent falls.

There are several other possible causes to frequent falls in older adults including but not limited to spine problems, normal pressure hydrocephalus (what is frequently termed "fluid on the brain"), medication side effects, alcohol abuse, sleep disorders, vitamin deficiencies (such as vitamin B12 and vitamin E, but these should not be taken as vitamin supplements unless a diagnosis of deficiency is made with blood tests, because an excess of these vitamins is just as harmful as too few), and many others.

It would be appropriate for your mother to be assessed by a general physician (family physician), in order for her medications to be reviewed and other causes of falls to be assessed for. She would also benefit from evaluation by a neurologist, to make sure there are no reversible causes to her frequent falls and to see whether or not the pain in her legs is due to a neuropathy. Many of the diagnoses listed above can be tested for by blood tests or through brain imaging; a test called EMG/NCS can be used to test for neuropathy if this is suspected based on history and examination.

Much more importantly, evaluation by a physical therapist is necessary, with evaluation for the most appropriate walker. If a cause for the falls or a successful treatment for her pain can not be found, then prevention of falls and minimizing the damage that occurs if she does fall are essential.

Thank you for using the forum I hope you find this information useful good luck.
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