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Multiple Sclerosis and Migraines - need advice
About a year and half a ago my Wife was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. After going trying numerous drugs to treat this condition Imuran finally worked for her. Everything was going pretty well until September of 2008. My wife has suffered from migraines since she was about 17 (she's 23 now).

She doesn't get them all of the time, but once every couple of months isn't uncommon. Normally when she gets a migraine it gets pretty severe, and sometimes it will cause her to vomit. Well one night in September of 2008 she had a really bad migraine that would not go away. She continued to get sick over the course of the night from about 8pm until 4am.

It got so bad that I took her to the ER because she started losing feeling on her left side and couldn't stand without falling. After spending a few hours at the ER her headache finally started subsiding. They did CT scan of her head and found nothing unusual. They told us she had a complicated migraine and that her symptoms would pass sometime in the next few days.

2 weeks later her symptoms persisted. She was certainly better than she was that night at the ER, but the tingly pain on her left side was still there, and so was the blurry vision on her left eye. We then took her to have an MRI. The results showed that she had 2 small lesions and one larger (more recent according to the neuro) on her scan.

He told us that it was probable that she had MS, but he wanted to give her a spinal tap before he would make an conclusions. Needless to say we were devastated to know that she might be suffering from two auto-immune diseases.

A couple of weeks passed and the Neuro calls me and tells me that her spinal tap did not show what he was suspecting. He wasn't sure if she had MS after all and suggested that we see another Neuro in Houston to get his opinion. When we saw the Neuro in Houston he told us almost that despite the spinal fluid not confiriming MS there was still a chance she had MS. This was in November 2008.

In december 2008 she went to have another MRI to check for new lesions. No new ones were found and the ones she had were healing. At this point she is still on Imuran for her UC, but no new medicine has been given to her for anything else.

February 2009 - She has started getting headaches almost everyday. Until tonight she has been able to avoid migraines by taking an exedrin migraine pill. However, tonight Feb 18, 2009 she was out somewhere and didn't have any headache medicine. She came home with a migraine and vomited.

I would not normally be concerned, but because of the initial incident that lead to her having an MRI I am terrified. Our local Neuro that we have seen have told me that the migraines will not cause lesions on her brain. I was told by him that the migraine was probably not related to any of this. I don't know whether this is true or not.

What I need to know is should I be concerned that she has been displaying signs of headaches more frequently in the last few weeks, or could it just be school and internships stressing her out? I have no idea if her headaches are signal that she has MS after all, or they are just headaches that she has had for years. She has displayed no new feelings of numbness or tingliness.

I'm sorry to make this post so long. I'm just so scared for her and I don't know what to do sometimes. Thank you for anyone that can offer any advice.
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