Muscle Twitching Chest now Arm
by breeze128, Jan 14, 2010
My 17 yr.old son started exhibiting muscle twitching in his chest muscles during a very stressful top-tier college application process last October. He is now a college Freshman, is doing quite well, and says he loves school.  However, the chest muscle-twitches remain, and now I noticed his reght arm is also being affected. I am very concerned. He claims he is in control of the twitches, and I shouldn't worry - but, these twiches in his chest and now arm happen while his mind is engaged, for example while watching tv, or reading, or texting.

What should I do? Please help, as my son is insisting it is nothing and does not want me to keep bringing it up.

Thank you.

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by Dr. A. SrivastavaBlank, Jan 15, 2010
Thank you for your question. Although without being able to examine you I can not offer you the specific advice on diagnosis and treatment that you need, but I would try to provide you some relevant information about your health concern.

This muscle spasm is also called as muscle fasciculation & appears when the muscle contracts on its own (without nerve stimulation).  Most of the times these symptoms occur without any underlying disorder & they are not harmful or may appear after viral illness/or long term illness and anxiety/stress. But sometimes this muscle twitching appears as atrophy and weakness of muscle as well. Most likely cause of this twitching with weakness/atrophy of muscle can be when the nerve supplying to the chest/hand muscles are not functioning properly due to any neurological disorder. If you suffer continuous weakness and notice reduced strength of muscle bulk in areas, please arrange an appointment with a neurologist right away who will evaluate the possibilities here. Hope this information proves helpful to you.
Take Care & Regards!!!
by breeze128, Jan 16, 2010
Hi Doctor Srivastava,
Thank you for your response. However, my son is NOT experiencing muscle weakness or atrophy - only twitching in chest muscles and most recently in his right arm. The chest muscles have been twitching for 15 months since last October.  Now his right arm is also twitching.
Are there any vitamins or minerals I can give him to stop this condition?  What can I do to help my son?

Thank you.

by Dr. A. SrivastavaBlank, Jan 16, 2010
Thank you for your question. As I said earlier that your son's arm & chest muscle twitching may appear after viral illness/or long term illness and anxiety/stress. Therefore, it will be best that you show your son to a neurologist who would like to evaluate the reasons first and treat the condition accordingly. In the meantime, keep his nutrition high by providing proteins, high vitamin diet like fruits etc. Hope this helps.