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Muscle fasiculations, low back pain, feeling shakey(shaky), muscle pain...
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Muscle fasiculations, low back pain, feeling shakey(shaky), muscle pain

I am a 37 year old female. I am currently experinecing muscle twitching throughout my body, i can sit and watch as the muscles beneath my skin jump, it may do this in my left calf and at the same time down the leg, and the foot. I have recently had the muscle underneath my thumb twitch and than my thumb will jerk. I have lived with muscle twitching since my early twenties when I went to ER with a pinching in my neck which than turned into tingling and numb, prickling feelings all over especially my spine area, it would feel like a burning feeling or like someone flicked me with water on the spine. It was awful.
  Now this is similar but I have pain, I have been exercising more (walking for 45 mins to an hour) and the other day I finished and about 30 mins later my lower back was hurting with pain radiating down and up my spine, my hips ached and legs were twitching alot.. I have been severly fatigued and shakey (shaky), sometimes I feel like my body is trembling, my hands.  I was recently in Florida and the first 2 days there I could not keep up with my 65 year old mother as we would walk to a boardwalk, I was so fatigued and than the back pain started - ibuprofen relieved the low back pain so it was tolerable.  This summer while camping ( on a hot day ) we climed a 100 step tower and when I took my first steps down my leg just gave out than the other leg gave out. I could not walk down- I had to sit on my bottom and scoot down, the rest of the day and next I was so shaky.
  I take 200 mgs of Zoloft daily, its very odd but alot of times when I walk I start to feel emotional- like I could cry.. just odd.
  I have had much blood work as I was in treatment 6 months ago for bulimia, I have had no relapses.. All my blood work was normal in treatment was normal for electrolyte imbalances etc.  The psychiatrist recommended me following up with this to take a look at neurological issues, muscular and possible vitamin deficiency syndrome.  Although we were checked for potassium and other levels at treatment and mine were normal.  While in treatment these symptoms all worsened as well, it was a very stressful time for me and emotionally I was exhausted - during treatment I had that awful shock like feeling run from my head to my lower back, I felt like I was going to fall over.

I followed up with this , with my new young doc. here but she dismissed this as it "just being me, my body" figuring come mid Summer she would suspect these issues would resolve with my recovery- they have not ... And the newest thing within the past 3 weeks since adopting a excercise regimen is low back pain- and my legs feel like they could give out.

I guess Im not sure what to do, I know my body, I am very uncomfortable some days are better than others. I am actively involved in my recovery, with church and my family. Right now, my stress's are down, Im doing well.. My body is not complementing me, Should I get another opinion
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