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My foot twisted and I heard a snap
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My foot twisted and I heard a snap

Please can someone help?  I tripped and fell and hurt my foot. I heard a snap. At first I devoloped a big goose egg on the side of my foot. The swelling was just above my ankel at the widest part of my foot. Within minutes,my whole foot was huge. The hospital took x-rays and said the sweeling have my bones pushed together. This means I have to repete the x-rays in 8-10 days. This was 5 days ago and I still have very little movement in my toes and they( my toes)  feel like they are flared but they are not. The general pain has subsidted mostly  except for this painfull feeling of my toes being flare. It does hurt to much to stand on it still.
I do not know if it's broken,sprained or what...Thank You!
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Do you have the results of your radiographs (xrays)?

A fracture may lead to swelling, pain and immobility of the involved extremity.
Has your doctor suggested that you have a fracture?

If a fracture is being considered the extremity should be immobilized since further use or stress may aggravate the injury.The swelling may lead to inflammation of the tissues and may cause pooling of blood or hematoma in the area. The hematoma  may further cause swelling .This may cause pain and eventually numbness of the involved area.

Have you taken any medications for the pain and swelling?

I suggest you keep from using your ankle. You may place cool compress over the injured area to help keep the swelling down.

Is there any bluish discoloration (bruising) over the area?
Any numbness over your toes?
Has the swelling decreased?

I suggest you seek immediate consult with your physician for follow up.

Keep us posted.
Dear Kool,
I had my foot goof up just like yours.  I heard a "cra-a-ack" sound.  X-rays said it wasn't broken.  They prescribed an air cast for a few weeks, said I could take it off at home, gave me pain killers, I put ice in towels until swelling eased up.  That was three years ago.  I still limp, I have trouble with stairs, it's wound up making an old back injury worse.  At first I went to a couple doctors to investigate, they didn't understand.  In the meantime, another illness visited on me, I've been out of it until recently, and I'm finally going to go see a neurologist for some other issues, and I'm going to ask him about my foot.

The reason I tell you all this is, I believe one of four things happened to me, and I want you to be aware of this when you visit your doc next time, so this doesn't happen to you.  I believe (1) I broke it, they didn't see it, and it never healed right; or (2) They shouldn't have told me I could take the air cast off at home, which made it worse; or (3) I tore lose or stretched a ligament or tendon and it never healed; or (4) I damaged a nerve somehow.  The latter is because recently a doctor, who was checking on something else, squeezed that foot, and I was so surprised because I near bout came off the examining table from the sharp pain.

So, when you see your doc next time for the X-rays and whatever, THAT is the time to politely demand they give really good care to your foot, I don't care if they have to do an MRI, but if you heard it "snap" like I heard mine "crack," I have come to believe, since I limp to this day, that SOMETHIN wasn't right!  

If I had to do it all over again, I would have worn that air cast 24/7, used a cane, and did everything I could to protect my foot until it got better.  And as soon as I noticed the limp, I would have gone to a sports injury doctor and gotten first-rate and involved help for my foot.  Not to scare you or anything, but hearing how they sent you home with nothing, that really made my blood boil.
Hi, FYI: I went to my podiatrist on Friday. I do have a Jones fracture. I am to wear a air boot for 6 more weeks and then he will look again. I will be on crutches for the duration.
I thought the boot was going to make it (my foot) feel better but it hurts worst.Does anyone know if this is normal ?
Thank you for any help you can give!
To  ggreg,
Please let us know what your doctor said.I hope they can help you.
Correction-I went to my podiatrist last Friday) 01-25 -08. Sorry.
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