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My mom's condition
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My mom's condition

Hello everyone.  My name is Nate and I am writing this for help with my mom.  We recently have had to hospitalize my mother and after fighting through alcohol withdrawal for a week the doctors determined that she infact is now suffering from CPM.  Basically I just want to tell my story just to see if I can get any answers, help, or hope that what my mother is going through is normal in the early stages and what I might need to do to help her as much as possible on my end!

Just to give a little backround.  My mom is 56 years old and has recently been going through a lot of stress and a lot of depression due to the loss of her mother, other family members, and just life in general.  She had been a pretty heavy drinker for the past 12 years or so.  Recently she got so upset and sick on top of it that she stopped eating and was pretty much vomitting everything she put in her stomach which sadly was mostly alcohol.  This went on for about a month until it got to the point that she was so weak and so out of it due to not having nutrition in her body and we finally got her to go to the hospital.  Upon arrival she was very conscience and speaking to the doctors for herself.  But was obviously hooked up to iv's to get her strength back... They found that her sodium was at 104 I believe and her electrolytes were very very low.  After day 2 in the hospital alcohol withdrawal kicked in and she was pretty much in what I would call a drug induced coma for 5 or 6 days on (adavan) which is a detox agent for alcohol aparently.  

Once she was done detoxing and wasn't really coming around at all the doctors noticed her clenching her hands and kind of bringing her arms in close to her body.  At that point they figured that the best way to figure out what was actually going on with her was from a brain MRI...  They did that and found that she is now suffering from CPM.  It has now been almost 2 1/2 - 3 weeks since she finished detoxing and was actually diagnosed with CPM.  She is now medically sound and in a rehab clinic called health south.  They are working with her in every aspect of life.  As of right now she is very awake and will focus in on you.  The other day I was holding her hand and I said, "Mom if you can hear and understand me please squeeze my hand."  And sure enough she squeezed it so hard at least 2 times that I couldn't believe it!  It almost made me cry!

I do see her starting to move her head a lot more and looking all around her room.  She also can almost hold her head up on her own now and she moves her legs from time to time too.  Mostly just the left one though.  When you talk to her she is moving her mouth and spitting a little bit and moaning a little too but I believe that is her way of trying to communicate with us.  Her eyes flutter quite a bit and that is something that I understand can get better with time.  I guess my questions are, after 3 weeks or so is this all normal?  Will I see vast improvements in a month... two months... longer?

She gets physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy daily.  They say that she is recognizing flash cards and that they are getting her to swallow too.  Please any feedback would be great on what to expect next. Has anyone seen these same symptoms??  How long can I expect to wait to talk to my mom again and what might she know or remember about her family and her past?  Has anyone seen what I am seeing after 3 weeks?  Please help me guys, I cry myself to sleep too many nights and I really need someone to talk to or someone that knows something about what I am seeing in my mother!

Thanks to everyone who will eventually read this and help me!  And god bless all of you suffering with this rare disease and to the families of suffering patients!

Thank you so much!


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