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32 year old caucasian male: Otherwise healthy, athletic, history of anxiety disorder, congenital bicuspid aortic valve:
6'1 165lbs:
For the last couple weeks I've been having myoclonic movements.  All over, head,
arms, legs, hands.  I had them previously 4 years ago. Limited to my head and neck. At that time I had an MRI
done, with out contrast. It was negative for any mass, or region of mass.
Since then the involuntary movements were negligible or not noticed. However they've
returned and seem much more pronounced than they were 4 years ago.  
I also have for the past several years experienced intermitted extreme hyper-sensitivity of the skin
on my face running down my arm to my hand.  Not sure if this is related to the myoclonus.
So this is all pretty concerning, wondering if having myoclonus definitely means there is an underlining
neurological disease process going on.  Does myoclonus ever occur independently of degenerative brain/nerve disease?  

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Update:  Symptoms all but ceased after 9 days.  But today I did have a very long and informative discussion with a neurologist.  
He dismissed any possibility of MS or Parkinson's disease.  After about an hour of
listening and family history he informed me that he believes I am experiencing a
form of Restless Leg Syndrome, with dyskinesia.  I brought up the possibility of
peripheral neuropathy, HSV-1 auto-immune disorder possibilities, and demyelinating  
nerve diseases and he was quite certain that none were valid conjectures.
He gave me Mirapex ER to take once a day, (which is also used to treat Parkinson's symptoms) to definitely reinforce his diagnosis.  

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I've had spinal myoclonus and startle/reflex myoclonus for 4 years, I take clonazepam which can be of help.
Myoclonus can occur without an underlying cause, I've had numerous tests all of which have returned normal.
I'm waiting for some blood test results at the moment.
The thing I find difficult is not finding a cause and the possibility of never finding a cause!
I hope the Mirapex ER helps you.
Can I ask if you have been taking any meds before you started with the myoclonus as some meds can cause it.
All the best
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