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Mysterious Illness

Hi, I've been going from doctor to doctor and each one looks at me and listens to my symptoms and in return give me a blank expression. Not void of concern, usually, but without an answer.

Who I've seen:

I started with a family practice doctor who referred me to physical therapy.
  -  At physical therapy there was concern that I had an occluded vertebral artery.
  -  From there I has an MRA of the the top of my head and neck.
  -  The MRA showed no sign of an occluded artery.
  -  I went back the general practice doctor and he thought that it was maybe an inner ear problem and had me go back to physical therapy to do a maneuver to realign the "rocks in my ears" and then to see an ENT.
  -  The physical therapist examined me and asked a bunch of questions and said that that wasn't my problem and she was going to talk to me doctor about what should be done.
  -  I got a call that my doctor wanted me to see Neurosurgery.
  -  The doctor in Neurosurgery said I was in the wrong place and didn't know why the doctor sent me there. He then referee me to Neurology (which is who we asked our doctor to be referred to after the MRA).
  -  Went to see the ENT doctor as ordered before and they said everything looked perfect.
  -  Just recently now I was able to get into Neurologqy and talked with a doctor. I'm not sure what her diagnosis was exactly but she thought what I was having was a form of migraine and put me on a beta blocker and couple of other medications for when I get a migraine. Non of the medications so far feel like they're helping, at least for sure not the migraine medication.

A little history:

Note: I'm going to explain things that were happening that may or may not be normal, but honestly I'm not sure anymore what is actually normal and what I thought was normal.

When I was young I went to mayo clinic to address an issue I was having with processing protein. Basically my body doesn't break it down or something and I get clammy and sick if I eat to much meats. There was nothing diagnosed and no allergies were found. We ruled this as my body doesn't have enough of the enzymes needed to break down protein.

About three years ago I noticed I started to feel sick after working out or running. To the point where when I would get back from a run I would sit on the bathroom floor trying not to pass out. I felt low on energy a lot and sometimes would have that feeling like when you first wake up in the morning and are weak. When doing thing that caused a lot of movement, especially up and down like jumping jacks, I had multiple episodes where my right sied, under my lung, had a sharp pain that on a couple occasions caused me to kneel in pain. I would also get occasional headrushes and and often general nausea after doing anything active or anything that cause my heart rate to go up.

Mid summer of 2012 I was diagnosed with mild depressions and anxiety. I was put on a low dosage of zoloft.

In august of 2013 i went to a chiropractor because i was have a lot of pain in my back when i leaned back, they found my hips were crooked. When they adjusted my neck it seemed like it triggered something and i started feeling more tension in my neck and in turn more nauseu. In September of 2013 I was driving tractor, helping a farmer at the time, and was doing a lot of looking behind me. I started to notice my neck would feel tense and I would feel increasing naseau as the day would progress along with a dull headache. This didn't really surprise and eventually I went to chiropractor to have my neck adjusted. When I had my neck adjusted it made things worse. By the time I got home I was sick to my stomach. I've had xrays done of my neck since and all looked perfectly normal. I had another chiropractor appointment after and again it made things worse.

Early January of 2014 I started to feel ear pressure/fullness and pressure behind both eyes (sometimes only the left). I started wiening off the Zoloft to rule out medication side effects. After two weeks was off completely.

Middle February 2014 I had an eye appointment to see if my prescription had changed, the doctor said only slightly and it wouldn't be causing the pressure I was feeling. He said my eyes looked otherwise healthy.

Current symptoms

The dull pain in my neck is basically everywhere there is a main artery especially my occipital artery (which is where the pressure headaches seem to radiate from). The front of my neck feels tender as well and sometimes can feel it throbbing with my pulse. I have nauseu when I do anything that raises my heart rate and sometime even without. I have frequent pressure behind my eyes and a dull headache (back of head). On occasion I feel my heart beating hard, not necessarily fast. There are episodes where my ears ring loudly and my eyes hurt and I just have to lay down for a while. I've also been recently feeling tightness in mynchest and lower throat as if someone is was putting pressure on. I can feel it gets hard to breathe when this happens, though not life threatening. My ears almost always feel a dull ache and pressure/fullness.

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FYI, I'm 22 years old, male.
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Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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The tightness in chest and throat could be due to anxiety or panic attack, heart problems, chronic obstructive lung disease, or due to a bad gastric reflux. The sound in the ear could be a pulse you hear. A pulse heard in the ear could be due to blood flowing in the carotid artery. This major blood vessel flows very close to ear drum. In narrowing of artery, high blood pressure, clots in the artery, where the blood flows against some resistance this pulse is felt more. Since a confirmed diagnosis cannot be given on net please consult your doctor regarding this. Hope this helps. Take care!

The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history. Hence this reply to your post should only be considered as a guiding line and you must consult your doctor at the earliest for your medical problem.
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