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Neck ache, Headache, Puffy eyes
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Neck ache, Headache, Puffy eyes

Hello I am 31 years old male having neck ache and head ache on the left side now for more than 4 years. Now a days i have continuous neck ache feel like pain in the vein, some thing burning below the jaw and left side of head near ear. It never goes away with any pain killer. I feel each and every day almost all times. In the morning my eyes are puffy and fell like i had no sleep. Some time i feel pain in my chest (upper left side) which i wonder related to my left neck pain.
Sometime i feel too tired. Sometime my hands and feet are so cold. Some time i feel warmer face but cold inside the body. No fever.
I am taking medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol for more than 2 years. But my neck and head ache stays before starting medication and till now.

I have done my CT scan of brain, x-ray of neck, ultra sound of neck, Ecg, Stress test of heart, halter test of heart, Ultrasound of kidney, 24 hour urine test, cortisol test, diabetic test, x-ray of chest and other regular blood work.

Everything came normal.

My BP and Cholesterol are normal now. But i have all time neck vein pain and most of the time headache mainly left side.

Should i worry about something serious happening in my neck, brain or blockage artery? My doctor wont like to do any MRI as he is not suspecting anything wrong.

My main concern is my neck pain which I feel in the left side and feel like burring, itching in the vein and headache on left side near my ear.

Note: I can run on a tread mill for 30 min with a speed of 4mph without any chest pain.

Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.

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Since the pictures of your head and neck are okay, and your heart is okay, then what comes to mind for me is, you could be something as simple as a tooth infection.  I know, you wouldn't think that would cause all this misery, but I can tell you from personal experience that it can.  

Feel of your lymph nodes in your neck....they are located between the throat and the corner of the jaw.  If they are swollen and/or sore, that's the lymphs fighting off infection.  It can make your ear hurt, your face hurt, swell up your eyes, and the infection can spread into your chest and head, which is actually a dangerous situation.  

So, just to be on the safe side, get thee to a dentist, have him look on the side where it hurts all the time, top and bottom, and he'll X-ray those teeth, and then he can advise you if a tooth needs pulling or whatever!  He may also give you some dental antibiotics, too, and might even want to drain any pus that's gathered there.  Sometimes these things are not visible to the naked eye, so that's why you have to (a) tell the dentist where it hurts, and (b) let a dentist diagnose the problem.

If you have not yet been to an ear nose throat ENT doc, go to one, could be sinus related or an earache.  But the first thing I thought of when you told your story, DESPITE the negative neck X-ray, is that you have wrenched your neck badly and a compressed or damaged nerve is doing this to you, so you may wish to have a CAT scan of your spine to make sure everything is where it's supposed to be in your neck.
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