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Need help with Diagnosis - Legs and arms weak, trouble walking, finger ...
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Need help with Diagnosis - Legs and arms weak, trouble walking, finger twitching


So basically I have been a pretty big hypochondriac all of my life. I go to my at least 6 times a year, and I see specialists multiple times a year, mostly for peace of mind. Usually, once I see a doctor, my symptoms magically disappear. However, my latest symptoms have me really worried. About 2 months ago, I started noticing a shaking feeling in my hands, and my legs were a little shaky/weak when walking. I didn't have tremors per se, but I noticed my hands shaking a lot, especially if I moved my fingers in certain ways. However, when I tried to show people (including my wife, friends, and the doctor), no one noticed anything. My regular md though it was stress/anxiety (as I am a very stressful person). He did a lot of blood tests, and all came back negative. I had had a brain MRI done about 4 months prior (since I have migraines and have been treated for 3 years or so by a neurologist for them), and everything came back normal, so he didn't think I had MS. I went to a neurologist as well, who did a couple tests and also didn't see shaking, and thought everything was normal. I asked him about everything I had researched online, and he said I didn't have ALS or Parkinsons, and because of my brain MRI, didn't have MS either. He said it was just stress (I had just finished studying for the CPA exam, and the week after I passed, this all started). He said sometimes when people have a lot of stress (which I had while studying) and then stop, the stress symptoms can continue. Anyways, also magically once he said he didn't see shaking, my shaking feeling stopped. However, the legs feeling continued, and seems to be getting worse (though I do focus on it all day). I walk 25 minutes to work and 25 minutes back, and though I've been able to keep doing that, it's difficult walking, and I feel very uncomfortable. It's not necessarily painful, but it is hard to walk. I feel this feeling most near my knees, and at the knees, and then the top of my legs. If I am sitting or lying down, I generally feel fine. I also feel like my muscles at my arms are weak as well, though since I'm not "walking" with them, I don't notice it as much. I tried riding a bike this week for 10 minutes, and though I was able to do so and even went uphill, when I got back from riding, I could barely stand, and my legs felt like jello. Also, today I worked out for a few minutes, and then went outside to rake some leaves and other stuff in my yard, and felt very tired after. In addition, my thumb would twitch a lot if I moved it backwards at all. Also, I have been having some joint pain in my hands and legs too. My knees also seem to crack a lot when I work out, which I don't believe they've done before. One more thing I noticed is that when I wake up, parts of my hands, arms, etc are a little numb. They do however have red marks on them like I've been lying on them and that's why they're numb, and it always goes away after a couple minutes, but I've never noticed it before now. I've been holding off on going back to a doctor since I'm in the middle of getting a life insurance quote, and didn't want to take any chances before I get the policy finalized. However, all of this scares me very much. I did read that lymes disease mimics some of these symptoms, and I did move 8 months ago to the suburbs and spend a lot of time outside, but I don't see any bitemarks. I do feel fatigue in my arms/legs, but I know I am also focusing on it a lot. Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks.
Hello and hope you are doing well.

Understand your predicament. With lymes disease there is usually skin rash and flu like symptoms with fever, chills, fatigue and body aches to begin with. It can also cause joint pains and neurological symptoms. It is usually diagnosed by ELISA/western blot testing to detect antibodies. So, if you have persisting symptoms or if they are worsening, you can consult your doctor for these tests.  

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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