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Nerve damage right hand ?
Hi everyone! Nice forum you guys got here . . ok well

I'm 22 years old, When I was about 3 maybe 4 years old I was driving with my mother and as we were nearing a stop sign I fell out. I believe I broke my right elbow and maybe my right arm or hand ?

I'm really not sure, How can I find out that kind of information?

Back to the story, Well I ended up getting nerve dame in my hand and they removed some nerves im guessing from my arm(Stitches Starting about an inch outwarsd from my wrist 20 on my arm(7 on my outside hand)

Well I dont know but I have very little strength, I cannot open my hand fully ,my right arm and hand are much smaller then my left and also I cannot feel half of my right and arm. Why is it so much smaller? Duer to not using it as much or because of the messed up nerves ? . My hand stays closed and slants in to the left. When I moce my fingers they have to all move at the same time, I cant move them seperately except for my thumb wich pulls to the left. I dunno how to think about it but Was the surgery that they performed a success or did they just **** me up more ?

I'm hope you guys can answer some of my questions but could this ever be fixed ? I hate when people give me that uncomforting look, I hate bieng around people, Ive just been depressed about it bieng the way it is my whole life. I recently tried signing up for SSI benifits and I was denied. I get pains that feel like electricity that flow up and down my hand and arm and they really hurt, It keeps me from sleeping sometimes well. . .

If it can be fixed how much money would it cost '? I'mm 22 with no job but I mean damn if I ever had that kind of money could it be fixed ?

Thanks to everyone that replys I hate talking about it but man your opinions would really help me out
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