Nerve pain after C section?
by ccar, Jul 12, 2008
My wife had a c section one month ago with a horizontal incision outside and a vertical incision inside. About 10 days ago(20 days after the surgery), my wife started to feel terrible burning pain in the skin of her whole belly part. We went to see the doctor several times and was told this is because the cut nerves or muscles started to come back after a period of  numbness. Another reason we were told is that  everyone responds differently to the pain and my wife is particularly sensitive to the pain since we told the doctor that many of our friends never experienced this kind pain after their surgery.

My wife also experienced very bad pain in urinating and bowel movement. Now these problems turns better, but she still feel they are hard things to do.

Currently the pain relievers my wife is using (Lortab and Ibuprofen) couldn't make her feel any better any more.
Another complication is that my wife is still doing breastfeeding and the doctor said further steps could be taken if we decided to stop the breastfeeding.

We are eager to know whether this is something normal and whether the pain can decrease and go away soon without doing.  How long will the recovery generally take if the pain can go away by themselves. Is there any easy way to follow to reduce the pain a little bit? What should we do if we do need further treatment?

Thank you!
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by dr_simran, Jul 12, 2008
Hello Dear,
The altered sensation you experience may be due to the denervation as sensory nerves get affected  in the operation and their healing might take some time.It is a normal phenomenon and do not worry.
You can consult your doctor about this and take care.
by ccar, Jul 12, 2008
Hi, dr_simran, Thank you very much! When you say "might take some time", do we know how long it could be generally for the healing of nerves?  We want to know this since the doctor recommend us to stop breastfeeding if my wife can't endure the pain and we really want to continue.
by joliep, Jul 19, 2008

I just had my 3rd c-section, and I am experiencing more burning sensation on my right side this go round then ever before.  With my last 2 c-sections I had the burning around my incision and it only lasted a few weeks - I am going on my 4th week, and it does not seem to be changing.  I will say this, the more activity I do - the more I feel the pain - does not make it any better though especially when you just want to feel normal again after 9 months of pregnancy.  I am going to the Dr Monday, I will let you know what my obgyn says as well.
by tarriver, Aug 12, 2008

I have had the same problem with my incision site-appeared about 5 days after my section and got the same lack of concern, so it sounds like, from my doctors.  Have you found out any more information?  I hope your wife is feeling better and congrats on the baby!
by ccar, Aug 18, 2008
Hi, my wife feels much better now without doing any serious diagnosis and treatment. It seems that the doctors are right--we don't have to worry about it too much and the only thing we can do is to stand the pain for a (long or short) while. But still we sure hope the doctors had taken more care to the patients and helped to reduce the pain  a little during this painful process.
Congratulations to your baby too! Take care!