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Nerve problems
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Nerve problems

I have arthritis at base of both thumbs.
C5 C6 minor misalignment,reduced disc space and degeneration of neurocentral joint at this point. (not know to have happened by accident. Neck is stable-x-rays) I have had no mri or other tests and not likely to be offered anything else.
I have carpal tunnel right hand with muscle wastage.
Other symptoms.
Numbness in hands ring and pinkie fingers, outside edge of hands.
Pain and stiffness in both wrist.
Pain in centre of hands. Looks like raised tendon on left hand.
Snapping from bent to straight in left pinkie finger. Not very painful.
Pain in my back around spine/shoulder radiating to top of arm.
Off balance/stumbling banging into objects.
Nausea,ongoing with no appetite.
Little pain in hips
Tingling over top of left buttock.
This started about year ago.
Not been tested for RA or other types of Arthritis.
Been told no treatment for neck problem.
Would love some feedback. Is there anything I can do?
Thank you.

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I understand MRI's are expensive, but at this point, you really need one. I am sorry I can't be more help. This sounds like a spinal issue, although you probably knew that. You should get a second opinion about the "no treatment for neck".

Ok, please post this in the "ask an expert" area. There is a really good doctor that comes on and helps people.
Thank you so much for your reply.
Yes I now believe that most problems are likely due to neck area.
I will post in the expert forum.
Thanks again

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