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Neuralgia and teeth chattering
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Neuralgia and teeth chattering

I just want to know if i should be worried or not..

I have localised pain that come every now and then, but i cannot predict where it'll be each time.. I thought they are bones pain.. but when I asked my medical student friend, she said, it might be nerve pain because it localized, not in joints and it doesn't hurt when i move my finger (if the pain is in a finger). The pain comes and goes every so often .. usually i got it in my fingers.. wrist.. or feet.. the pain is like a pulse.. and it feels like being pricked with a needle.

I also have chattering teeth that never stops. I realized this about 2 years ago and it never really go away. Even if the weather is warm. I don't feel cold or nething. The chattering is very mild, like it 'dissapears' when i talk or eat.. but when i put my teeth together lightly, i can feel it.

I don;t know whether this is related or not.. but i also have postural hypotension which occurs very often.. almost every time when i got up to stand from a lower position.

Sometimes if i wake up in the morning, the moment i touch my feet on the floor, i feel incredible pain.. like stepping on pins! The same pain can be felt the moment i touch the floor after sitting with my feet 'hanging' for a while..

I also get leg cramps easily.. and also pins and needles.. not only in the legs.. also in fingers..

By the way, I'm 21 years old.. slighly overweight , not obese :) ..

Anyone can help me? greatly appreciated!
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How are you?
These abnormal pins and needles sensations are known as parestheisas. There can be many reasons for this type of sensation. Most common is diabetes; I would suggest you to get your blood sugar levels checked.
Other causes include nerve injury, hyperventilation, anxiety and stress, vitamin B12 deficiency and chronic alcoholism.
Does any of this sound familiar to you?
I would suggest you to cut down your anxiety levels and take an OTC B complex supplement and see if your condition improves. Do keep us posted!

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Thank you for your reply and advice!

I did a blood test and everything is normal except my iron level is very low. That maybe the cause for my postural hypotension. My sugar level is normal, as well as B12.

I asked my GP about the neuralgia.. she's not very sure. She just said in some cases of Iron deficiency, there might be joint pain present. I didn't have a chance to ask her about my chattering teeth.. is it normal?

I don't drink alcohol, so i don't think that's a cause.

I just start taking the iron supplement, and my GP said wait for 3 months for another appointment to see whether there will be some improvement.

Maybe things got worse when I keep thinking about it. Heh.. I'll try to keep my anxiety level under control. I'm just worried about the pain that never fail to come every single day and also teeth chattering..

Thank you so much for your help!
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and recently i have tingling feeling in both hands at the same time, mainly in the ring and pinky fingers.. usually after doing usual everyday works.. this symptom arises quite recently since i never noticed about it before
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