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Neurological symptoms? Or hypochondria? or...?
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Neurological symptoms? Or hypochondria? or...?

Hi everyone I'm knew here, let me start with a history of my symptoms:

In November of last year (2008), I was drifting off to sleep one night when my leg suddenly jerked for no apparent reason. This then happened a few nights and started to get more frequent, to the point it was happening during the day as well, although always when at rest, usually when lying down but sometimes when sitting as well. The frequence of these seemed to accelerate after a bad migraine attack I suffered shortly after I first noticed the symptoms. My body began to feel weak, nervous and jittery, and remains so to this day, this bit is hard to explain and visualise but I tend to feel it around my torso and lower spinal area.

These symptoms remained over the Christmas period without getting noticeably worse, and some days, particularly when I was busy and had my mind on other things, I would not notice it at all.

About a month ago I noticed my legs would start to shake uncontrollably when walking down stairs or downhill. (but never when walking up or walking on the flat), it seems the more I think about these symptoms the worse they get, having said that, they are always more apparent during the week when I work (I start at 9am so don't much sleep), of a weekend when I have caught up on my sleep the symptoms are less apparent, particularly when my girlfriend is over (again - the taking my mind off it thing).

I have a constant unstable feeling when either walking or just standing up, as if I'm about to trip or fall over, but neither has happened yet.

I've been to the doctors, had a blood test which came back all clear, which included checks for magnesium and vitamin B12, I am now waiting to be referred to a neurologist.

For a long period up to November (before I noticed these symptoms) I had been exercising regularly - light upper-body weight lifting, and cycling for around 20 min a day on my exercise bike, around this time I stopped exercising regularly due to a heavy schedule with work and other aspects of my life, and I have only just recently taken exercising back up again, and the symptoms always appear worse after even 5 mins on the bike.

I'm 25 (26 in April), male, my diet is not the worst but could be better (in the way of eating more fruit & veg regularly, but I eat plenty of meat, carbs and dairy products), I'm of reasonable weight (5'8, 12 stone), I work as a computer programmer (37 hours a week), I drink and smoke, although neither excessively (about 4-5 fags a day and approx the recommended weekly unit intake of alcohol, give or take).

My blood test coming back as OK, which the doctor described as "good news", I actually took as bad news, as for me it increased the likelihood of it being something neurological (and therefore harder, if not impossible, to remedy), although I haven't ruled out stress (I freely admit I can get very stressed out at times over various things), or even hypochondria, as it always seems to be more prominent when I'm thinking about it (which is more and more lately), but nevertheless I've never felt like this before, and I can't help but worry...

I also suffer from fairly frequent migraines (on average about 1 a month), and suffer from intermittent insomia, and/or nocturnalism (is that a word? it is now :))

Obviously I'm not after any definitive answers (thats up to the doctor and/or neurologist) but if anybody who has had a similar group of symptoms to me could share their knowledge, thoughts and experiences it would be most appreciated :)

Apologies for the long long post, but I'm thinking the more info I can give the better!

Thanks :)
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Hello. I have a sleep disorder (exessive daytime sleepiness) and was diagnosed with this a few years back by a sleep specialist. There are something like 133 different types of sleep disorders. One type that came to mind while reading your blog was Restless Leg Syndrome. I'm not a doctor, and it could be neurological, but you don't sound like a hypochondriac. It seams to me, when doctors can't figure things out, they call a patient's symptoms, depression, anxiety, hypochondria, ect..- If your body is acting this way, something's up and it just means you need the right doctor. I think a Sleep Specialist is where I'd start if I were you- especially with your history of sleep problems. I hope this helps!
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