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Neurologist wants me to take lamatrogine for nerve pain, anyone?
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Neurologist wants me to take lamatrogine for nerve pain, anyone?

Just wondering if anyone has experience with help for neuropathy pain from this drug?
I have jabbing trigeminal neuralgia, roaring tinnitus, and jabbing pain all on left side of times ..yet at most time I have just throbbing.
I take opiates which I am trying to get off of because I hate side effects..don't we all..All I need is a med that makes things worse..
.I have non diabetic peripheral tingling.....jabbing,  burning pains lingering throbbing type pains..
I take lyrica...ssri's have been no help..
I have had ablation of sacral and lumbar nerves which after a couple of years wear off...I am willing to try nerve blocks of nerve plexus..
Any info so gladly accepted!
Everything is firing now...grrr
any info on relief would be appreciated..
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Hi there!

Lamotrigine can be used for neuropathic pain and may be effective in cases resistant to other drugs. If prescribed by your treating doctor, I would suggest going ahead with it; keeping in view the possible side effects.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
Hi, thank you so much for your answer! it truly helps us all that you are there for us..
On 4th day of 50mg xr,  I was loopy as a husband couldn't get a response as I just couldn't concentrate or walk without his help.. hesitant urine, some other effects too so have d/c med and called neurologist..
I was a registered pharm. ..20yrs in a clinical setting and the last 18 yrs overseas traveling 18 7yrs in China (before computers or long distance phone calls most places..)
3yrs in Kuwait ..and 8yrs in Uzbekistan..
My husband was a field service rep for Boeing...
I had burned the candle at both ends stateside....
Autoimmune kidney,thyroid and now neuropathy has settled in..
But I tried to teach a plethora of pharmacy health practice everywhere I went..
Whether they accepted it or not I always got a smile in return and that was enough..
These forums are giving people and doctors help! I exude their experiences to my pain specialist and his interns...
Blessings...and you take care..thanks again!
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