Night tremors
by serene64, Dec 06, 2009
My husband has been having tremors at night and never had anything like this before.They have been disrupting his sleep for the past 8 weeks.
6 weeks ago he had a very bad panic attack and  he was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Blood tests all normal he has had a CT ,weare still waiting for the results.
I feel it is not the medication that are causing the night tremors as he has only been on these for 6 weeks. He is not getting any better .He is extremely fatigued . Doctor says its the depression .I know these tremors are what is keeping him unsettled at night. It feel like, as I lay there and put my hand on him that the muscles under the skin are twitching involuntary. He also has to get up to go to the toilet at night . Only  symptoms while awake is when he yawns he feels a vibration through his body notably his hands?
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by Dr. A. SrivastavaBlank, Dec 06, 2009
Thank you for your question. Although without being able to examine your husband I can not offer you the specific advice on diagnosis and treatment that he needs, but I would try to provide you some relevant information about your husband’s health concern.

Most common cause of resting tremor or night tremor could be few medications (neuroleptics, metaclopromide, and phenothiazines), psychogenic tremor, Parkinson’s disease and Wilson’s disease. Most likely in your husband’s case it sounds like a psychogenic tremor that may be associated with depression/anxiety and it most commonly affects the extremities (upper & lower limbs). In addition, tremor onset is sudden and may appear even when someone is not in conscious state or if he is sleeping. This sort of tremors decreases with distraction or breaking the resting state. Although other possibilities needs to be thoroughly evaluated with help of a neurologist to reach at probable diagnosis here. Hope this information proves helpful to you.

Take Care & Regards!!!