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Numbness, Tingling, burning hand and foot / dizziness
5 months ago I started with headache and jaw tension. I also was experiencing joint pain.
I was tested for lyme and was negative.
I saw my dentist and he prescribed a night guard to help with griding my teeth. Since then the jaw and headache tension has gone away (the headaches were like having a tight headband on my head).
I have also seen a neurolgist. I took a cervical spine mri and brain mri. I was told both were normal. I had a nerve test done where they stick needles into your nerves.
Approx 3 months ago I experienced two episodes where I had black spots in front of my eyes that distorted my vizion. I could see but could not read. My peripheral vizion was gone and it was as if i was in a tunnel. This only lasted approx 15 minutes and happened twice within 2 to 3 weeks. It has not occurec in 3 months.
Over the past few months, I am having tingling/numbness/burning in my left had nad foot. Sometimes it is in my left forearm but most my hand and toes. Lately it has just started to become more of a burning sensation. It feels like heat but also tingling. It is something I deal with daily. It has affected me mentally to a point that all I do is search the internet for answers.
I am seeing a doctor and he is trying to treat me. I am currently seeing a specialist that is doing massages of the muslces in my calf and forearm. This helps for that day and possibly into the next day but iut always comes back.
The tingling was annoying but did not bother my sleep until recently. Now when I am in bed, I can feel my foot burning and the joint of my ankle seems tight. This is almost always on my left had and left foot.
I also occasionally have short episodes where my lips, toungue or side of my face feel tingling. It lasts less than 30 seconds but happens a few times everyday.
What further testing should be done for me?
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