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Numbness in pinky finger

  I have had a numb or tingling sensation in my pinky finger and part of my
  ring finger in my left hand the last few days.  I use a PC a lot and was
  thinking it might be Carpal Tunnel but I just read that the pinky would
  not be effected on that nerve.  I'd like to know if this should be
  considered serious or at what point I should see a doctor about it.  Thanks.
Thanks for your question.  The symptoms described in your message are very
typical for a mild ulnar nerve impairment.  The ulnar nerve "wraps" around
the outer side of the elbow, and can be fairly easily compressed if one
leans on the elbow constantly - such as resting the elbows on the desk
while typing at the computer.  The best solution is to avoid such postures,
or to have a soft surface (a mini-pillow, for instance).  If the symptoms
do not improve or resolve with these simple measures, a careful examination
by a physician might be helpful.
I hope this information is helpful.  Best of luck.
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