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Numbness left side face down to pinky, chronic fatigue, night jolts...
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Numbness left side face down to pinky, chronic fatigue, night jolts...

I don't know what I have, 2 doctors can't tell me and claim it's just anxiety because all of my tests including an MRI have come back normal but my symptoms are very real.  I will mention that I took shrooms and had a bad trip and the following symptoms have been there since and are worse when I have caffeine and horrible if I smoke herb but I haven't had any drug other than the occasional alcohol for the last 4 months, so why is it all still happening?  I didn't have a stroke or an anurism though I felt like I was going to die on the trip but shrooms don't last in the system and I won't settle for anxiety as the issue for the following:
*numbness on the left side of my face, neck and down to my left pinky and ring finger like novacane shot feeling, brain scooped out
*heavy left arm
*chronic fatigue/low energy
*feel like fainting passing out at times
*objects appear closer  (or real when they aren't) than they are especially out of the left side of my vision.
*stomach butterflies
*tingling in hands and claminess especially nervous when I'm driving
*grinding of teeth at night
*Night jolts, or jerks, twitching, spasms, or whatever startles/shakes me awake
*some breathing issues, gasping for air at night seldomly
*vivid intense dreams
*hallucinations (like environment feels like rocking of a boat feeling) When it's really bad
*A come down feeling
*seeing spots, lines, double vision at times
*head aches, especially left side of my head
*staring off
*blurry vision, one time went blind out of my left eye for an hour
*weak legs
*feel like going into a coma...
A little background, I'm not diabetic, no STDs, no cancer, no hyper/hypotension, no thyroid issues, no cholestoral, no high blood pressure issues, good platlates, had low white cell count but came back normal the second time...I'm in tip top health at the age of 27, 5'10" 190lbs and my life is wonderful with the exception of not working, so what's up?  Fish oil has helped minimally and I'm thinking of hypnotism but I want a serious answer and diagnosis instead of stupid trial and error doctor nonsense that put me on clonazepam for a month to cover up what is really going on.

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Avatar m tn
sounds like parasitic worm infection.Try a seven day total body cleanse it cost about $19.00 at Walmart,then if that dosent do it order anti parasitic herbs online and if that dosent work go to an online pharmacy and order albenzadole or invermectin
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