Numbness on left side of face
by maria1959, Sep 29, 2008
I have had numbness on the left side of my face and inside of the left of my mouth with burning on the inside of my mouth and outer lips like I have chili on them all symptoms are left side only, the numbness used to be here and there but now the whole cheek and temple to above the ear are involved with occasional sharp pains in the left ear, and the left side of my chin has pain along with the numbness, the burning is getting worse sometimes I keep cold water with me to cool it down, when I drink it, it feels warm on the left and cold on the right of my mouth,I wish I had a diagnosis because it is getting worse what ever it is. I have had an MRI but have to wait over a month for a follow up with the neurologist so my guess is that he will say everything is normal or else he would be getting me in sooner. I just want it to stop.Osme else said they were diagnosed with Secondary Progreseive Multiple sclerosis with those symptoms, whatever that is.
Any Ideas

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by DrNoopurMD, Sep 29, 2008

Hope you are feeling better.
Your symptoms of one sided burning and numbness seem to be due to neuralgia, nerve damage, peripheral neuropathy due to diabetes and B12 deficiency, menopause, allergies, dentures, Iron and Zinc deficiency.
The possibility of MS and migraine also cannot be ruled out completely. It is good that you have undergone MRI. I would suggest you to discuss all these possibilities with your treating doctor. In the meantime you can take B complex supplements.
Do keep us posted on the results of your MRI.
Take care!

by maria1959, Sep 30, 2008
Thank you for your quick response will keep you posted on the results of the MRI and take your suggestion and try some b complex vitamins. Diabetis runs rampant in my family both sides both of my siblings have it but not me so far. I am approaching the menopause years I am 48 but I have no dentures so we can rule that one out.I don't know about the iron and zinc deficiencies or allergies. I just want relief so I will try the vit B and hopefully things will improve.

Thank You
by maria1959, Oct 12, 2008
Well the results from my MRI re just as I though,inconclusive small white spots that he said everybody has for so many different reasons but doesn't think they are the cause of my symptoms, the Numbness is worse and so is the burning on the inside of my mouth and lips, the numbing is now from just above my left ear on the temple across under the left eye to include the left side of my nose down to the left side of my cheek and chin, does not include the forehead, my mouth burns so much at times that I keep cold water with me to cool it down, there is also some pain associated with the numbness, the neurologist said he has no idea what it is, that perhaps I should try my dentist or ear nose and throat guy next. I wish some one had some answers.
by feelbettersoon, Nov 12, 2009
Hi. I was looking up my symptoms which sound very similar to yours. For five days now, I have had a numb left inner face from the corner of my eye down to the left part of my upper lip. I decided to start with the denist first before going through an MRI. The dentist was puzzled with my symptoms so he took an xray and sent my to the oral surgeon. I saw him today and he was also puzzled my the numbness factor. He belived that there is an infection unneath one of my crowns and is going to perform whats called an Endodontic surgery to clean out the infection. I have not had any pain because I had a previous root canal on the tooth (about ten years ago). I noticed tonight that the end of my tounge has a burning sensation. I only hope this surgery works. I hope that you have gotten/or do get the answers that you need. Please let me know how everything turns out for you.