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Numerous vague neurological and other symptoms
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Numerous vague neurological and other symptoms

Hello everyone :)
I am a 17 year old female in Australia
Over the past year I have been suffering various vague symptoms that have been increasing in intensity, up until the past two weeks where now I find it very hard to function normally.
I have been tested for just about everything. I have a normal thyroid, normal bloods, no vitamin deficiencies, normal blood sugar levels and kidney/liver function, no abdominal/pelvic abnormalities but I DO HAVE premature osteoarthritis in the L5/S1 joint in my back.

Here is a list of the symptoms that I am experiencing:
-intense fatigue not relieved by sleep
-muscle twitching (all over body, worse when lying down)
-pins and needles/numbness feeling in legs and especially feet
-heart palpitations
-shortness of breath during mild exercise
-mood instability/personality changes/disinterest
-intermittent pelvic/abdominal pain
-persistent pressure headache made worse sometimes by bending over or changing with other symptoms
-confusion and feelings of derealization
-sometimes blurry vision or feeling like objects are closer/farther than they actually are
-difficulty maintaining upright posture when standing - my knees give way and I have to actually try to hold my muscles in place rather than just doing it automatically

My doctor initially thought I might have generalized anxiety disorder, but after a lot of research I believe that I do not have GAD as I don't fit any of the actual anxiety criteria. I don't actually worry about anything... I seem to have a very "I don't care" attitude.

I'm pretty exhausted as all the tests I have had are normal, people don't believe me when I tell them I feel ill. My university study is suffering, as are my relationships, my work, my sporting life. I've spent hundreds on numerous doctor's visits and tests and nothing has been fruitful.


Sarah :)
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Aside from some neurological problem, it sounds a lot like your heart is acting up.  Could be that is happening from your blood pressure being low, perhaps from anemia.  Or even could be some other vitamin or mineral deficiencies are going on, too.  You can ask your doc to do a 24-hour EKG, draw blood to check your blood counts (anemia) and protein levels, mineral numbers, plus something on the blood sugars MUST be tested.  He could refer you to a cardiologist if he decides your pumper ain't working right.  In the meantime, eat more protein, like eggs, drink plenty of water.  You say you have heart palpitations, so learn to take your pulse, see if it races sometimes, write it down daily and report it to your doc, it shouldn't go over 100 unless you are doing an activity.  You can look online for diabetes, too, just to see if that's somewhat of a fit.
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Sorry I said vitamin & min deficiencies... I meant to just say mineral def... it comes natural to say the two together.
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