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Odd headaches
For the past year and a half, i have been having severe headaches. They start in the left side of my neck, move up around the back of my ear, into my temple and finally into the whole left side of my head but ONLY the left side. It also makes the left side of my face go numb. I went to see my doctor and he just told my mom to watch it and if it happened again to go into the ER immediately.

So time passed and i didn't have one for the longest time. Finally, one day while i was in a car, getting a ride home my headache came tenfold. By the time i got home and my family found me, i was on my knee's in the bathroom crying. They got me to the ER and by the time i got back into the room, my pain was down and my headache was almost gone. The ER doctor perscribed me Fioricet and sent recommendation papers to my family doctor to go and see a neurologist. He said I shouldn't be having such severe headache at a young age (I'm 17).

Now i have to wait 5 weeks to see my family doctor with only 30 pills that kick my headache. I'm trying to make them last and i haven't had to take many since i was in the ER but i've been suffering because of it. I'm starting to see very small rapid moving black dots and getting small cold spots on the left side of my head and neck.

I just wanted to know what questions i should ask my doctor and the neurologist when i go and what it is i could possibly have/ or what's wrong. I will keep posting when i see my doctor (July 21) and whenever i can get into see the Neurologist.

(I can also look at direct sunlight during my headache with no change in pain. So migraine is possibly out. Pinched nerve came up as well. My parents are also going through a VERY nasty divorce so stress headaches came up too.)

I really want to know what's going on.
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