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Pain, Burning right side of scalp and skull
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Pain, Burning right side of scalp and skull

Today suddenly I experienced sharp burning pain of scalp and severe soreness of skull over the
right parietal and right posterior occiputal area--about the size of a silver dollar.The duration of the
pain was about six hours and finally was relieved with Orphenadrine 100mg ER and Tylenol #3 tab 2.
Was I having a parathesia episode? The color of my scalp did not change.  The pain was not
constant put continued in waves.  Pain level at #7-9. My anterior vertebrae fused themselves
spontaneously quite a few years ago. (I;m 72 female) The posterior foreamen is not stenosed.
I have no numbness in my arms.  My neck is stiff, but has been in that condition for awhile.
I have had CT scans in the past of head, brain, sinuses.  Can't have MRI because of the old
type of hemiclips made of stainless steel. I have had a total thyroidectomy l984 for Graves
Disease, am on Synthroid 0.2 mg. I have an elevated BP (controlled with Meds) I am a
type 2 Diabetic (controlled). Had Cholecystectomy, Appendectomy, Total Hysterectomy
with bilat. S&O. Right Hemicolectomy (ischemic mass--no CA) Right Partial Mastectomy
for CA insitu-ductal, and invasive ductal CA had 35 Radiation Treatments.  No CA in
axilla.  Well, that is a short summary of my medical history. Hope you can give me some
input re: Scalp and skull pain and burning.  Thank you DeeDee72
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How are you?
Severe sharp burning pain and par aesthesia on one side of the head raises the suspicion of migraine.
The other possibility is nerve pain or neuralgia which can occur due to irritation of nerves in the scalp region.
It could also be due to a dermatological condition of scalp like dermatitis. I would suggest you to consult a neurologist if the pain recurs.
Take care!
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Thank you for your discussion.  I have seldom had headaches, only sinus types.
Today the described pain occurred again for about seven hours, not constant but
annoying.  I will consult with my Internist and ask for a referral to a neurologist.
Thank you again.  DeeDee72
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