Pain in back of head when turning
by country20, Mar 17, 2010
For several weeks I get a pain in the back of my head when I turn my head (not every time I turn my head)  Also when I bite down and pulled a piece of jerky with my teeth I got the pain in the back of my head.   It also feels like there was static making the back of my hair stand up and I have a short military hair cut and my wife looked and said no hair was moving.  

I did go to the med clinic for pain in my back and they said I had pulled something the pain went from my back to my shoulder.  It has gotten better but is not 100%.  I mentioned the pain in my head but they said it was probley from my back.  But I am concerned since it has been a few weeks and still have pain.

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by Battousai1, Mar 17, 2010
It's muscle tension,I know cause it's the same ordeal,but probably greatly multiplied in my case:P It is simple,start by kneading out the fibers,then go to a chairopractor(or however you spell it,I don't see the word so often >.<) for advise on how to stretch/pop both muscles,tendons,and joints. Once you do all that,most of that *electrical surge* will disappear,and your body will run normally,but it'll take a long time mind you,I only figured it out 2 months ago myself,and it is a harsh method if you want it shorter =]

Meaning,the more you knead your fibers and stretch,the better you feel,but between sleep,work,and everything else,you'll have to find the time that suits your needs the most to do so. I recommend asking (c. for short) for exactly how you should start,as different muscle structure and cellular make-up are completely different for each person. Aside from that,I wish you the best of luck=] (isn't a professional,and isn't in college,but is experienced with muscle pains and how to manipulate the entire nervous system :)  So,ask for advice from a muscle/skeletal expert,and go from thereXD
by Battousai1, Mar 17, 2010
oh yeah...probably should specify that it's the muscle and tendon fibers I was referring to =] And you wanna make sure to relax your body(learn by practice) in one section and then knead that same section with the other side,it'll take a while to gain full control over both sides where you can deaden the sense in one side and have the other running,but once learned,never forgotten. Once again good luck ;]
by Dr. A. SrivastavaBlank, Mar 18, 2010
Thank you for your question. Although without being able to examine you I can not offer you the specific advice on diagnosis and treatment that you need, but I would try to provide you some relevant information about your health concern.

Generally pain in the back portion of the head originates from the neck problems due to irritation in the cervical (neck) spine because the nerves that supply the back of the head start in the upper cervical spine. Mostly, this kind of head pain aggravates after turning head and typically occurs in patients with previous neck injuries and in patients with marked arthritis of the upper cervical spine. In addition, this pain exacerbate with prolonged sitting in a stooped posture and when working on a computers for long hours.  On the other hand, there are patients who experience similar pain with sinusitis (sinus with infected mucus) and migraine. If you suffer continuous pain at back of head, please arrange an appointment with a neurologist right away who will evaluate the possibilities here and can provide you an appropriate treatment. Hope this information proves helpful to you.

Take Care & Regards!!!