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Pain in calves, legs
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Pain in calves, legs

  For six months, I've been experiencing pain in my calves when I first start walking, particularly after I've been sitting for awhile.  Sometimes, it seems related to a change in heel heights; othertimes not.  I do have osteoarthritis--I'm 55--in both knees, which is quite severe.  Might this pain be related?  (Both the calf pain and my knee pain tend to ease with exercise.)  I also, during the night--but never during the day--experience a burning pain which radiates from my right knee down the front of my leg, lasting only a minute or two. (This burning pain has occurred for several years.)  I notice no weakness or tingling in either leg.  I do notice the occasional twitch, but then I've noticed a twitch now and then since childhood. I'd appreciate your thoughts regarding the above.  
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There are two main possibilities which could be responsible foe your
This could be intermittent claudication which is pain in the calves with
exercise which is relieved by rest.
It is associated with poor blood supply to  the muscles and is relatively
easy to diagnose by doing ultrasound examinations of the blood vesels to
the legs.
Another possibility would be lumbar stenosis which is caused by pinching
of the spinal cord in the lower back due to disc degeneration.
Since the possibilities are quite varied, the only way to clarify this is
by means of a complete history, physical examination and appropriate tests
as directed by the initial consultation.
I would suggest that you see a physicain soon to have all of this worked

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