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Pain: swollen ankles/feet/knees (Legs) & Hips
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Pain: swollen ankles/feet/knees (Legs) & Hips

I have suffered with chronic pain for years and take Kadian and another form of morphene for 'break thru pain'. I also take Lexapro (depression) metopropolol (heart) Trilipix (Cholesterol), Lasix (for swelling), Fish Oil, 81mg baby aspirin - I think that is it!
Recently started having issues with my feel looking the shape of a football.  Both of them! and my ankles are huge too.  I am a smoker so of course the Dr's always want to attribute every thing that is bothering me to my smoking.
Okay anyway - My hips have bothered me for years and I even have had two bursectomys!  3 months apart from each other!  The pain is mainly at night when I sleep on my side.  After about 20 minutes I wake up and feel like I have this extra-long serrated knife that is going in and out of my hip area and it gets burning!  So I guess you could say I don't get proper sleep.  Being woken up every 15-20 minutes all night long - I never get to my REM sleep. I could sleep 15-18 hours if my husband allowed me to!  I get 12 at least on the days he works that I don't, so that is kinda nice!
My cardiologist thought maybe my feet swelling/pain was from the cholesterol meds so we have changed them a few times.  I even went off them for a time (but my tryglycerides shot up to 677 (suppose to be no higher than 150).  I did start to feel a little better too but not 100% so i went back on them because I got scared!
Now the new thing going on with me is I fall asleep at work!  in the shower!  putting on my makeup Anytime! I have not experienced it driving mainly because I only live 2 miles a way from work!  I did start to get blurry eyed and kinda sleepy when we were on a long trip and I drove.  it was quite scary to say the least.  I am getting scared too because the other night I fell asleep on the toilet and when I was getting ready to go into my REM sleep, I jerked real suddenly and fell! Landed on my tail bone and hit my head on the shower door. Thank GOD I didn't crack the door!  
The main worry I have after sleeping a good 5-8 hours I get out of bed and just standing up hurts so bad on the bottoms of my feet.  Seriously painful till I start walking and then I guess the circulation gets pumping and I am okay. But if I am sitting at my desk for even short periods of time I go to get up and they just hurt so badly!
I am wondering what to do - I had an ultra sound of my lower arteries(?) and I had some x-rays done to my back but I haven't had the upper part ultra sound yet.  I was given a name of a neurosurgeon to go see - Does this sound serious to any of you?  My liver enzymes were a little high when they were tested last summer so maybe that has something to do with it?  With all these symptoms, not to mention the stresses around me (husband has cancer - thyroid - that traveled to the lymph-nodes and possibly to the lungs: we will know more after his neck dissection).  Any advise - Help - suggestions?  Please - I am getting real scared - afraid I will have a heart attack or stroke!!
Please let me know your thoughts - anyone?
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Oh my goodness, I have a back injury and am on WCB, for the past 6 months my right knee has been swollen and very pain full. I am as well taking morphine  
3-5 times per day. I have now swollen feet and ankles. I sleep and am in constant pain, I wake up and am still tired. It is very hard for me in the mornings barely make it to the washroom,the pain is so bad and to top it off, I as well have fallen asleep on the toilet and fallen and just missed my temple had a black eye. I just moved and have to explain my pain all over again to a new Doctor,I still have my Doctor where I used to live,but I need help now.My WCB claim was ignored for 15 months, I took them to arbitation and if they were to believe me from day one,I know I would not be in this painful situation. I do exercise to help my injuries but they are very painful to do.I don't like taking drugs, but I have to. At this point right now i should be in the hopital so they can observe my daily routine and help me with this horrible pain. I am very worried about my swollen feet and ankles.
I don't know what to do I want to go back to work (they tell me I am employable, but what? I am going to get my boyfriend to video tape me for 24 hours on how difficult my daily days are like, I am at the point that I can't cope with the pain and it is making me very depressed. I see your post is old,if any body else reads this please send me any advise. Thanks (desperate,please help.
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