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Passing out and after effects
This Thursday I went to have blood work taken at a local hospital.  
I knew coming into the office, that they would have take several vials of blood to suffice the test that the doctors had asked them to run, however, I did not feel any anxiety, as getting my blood drawn has never bothered me in the past.

Just a little history -
In March 2008 I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis.
Two weeks ago I was diagnosed with Perphial Neuoropathy & Myopathy.
(Daily symptoms include - Aches, Pains, and tingling with numbness in Arms & Legs.  Generalized weakness, headaches, loss of appetite)  The bloodwork done was to help determine what might be causing the neuropathy's, however, I have not received those results.

When the nurse inserted the needle into my right arm - I started to feel severe numbness in my fingers & hand...and followed it by passing out. (I passed out on the first tube of blood taken)
This is only the 3rd time I have ever completely passed out, however, I do feel faint now and then.
My concern is what happened after I passed out.

When I regained consciousness, I was completely soaked with sweat.  I had a severe headache and almost felt paralyzed with my movements.  I felt like I could only move slowly, and somewhat "out of body" (if that makes any sense).  I had to have my husband come and get me because I was unable to drive.
It was almost 24 hours later (24 hours of resting I might add) before I felt "normal" again.  I still feel a little slow and stiff, but since some of these symptoms are some of my "every day" symptoms, its hard to tell.

My questions is - Is this normal to feel that way after passing out?
The only other two times I passed out - I remember feeling relativley normal approximately 30 minutes after wards.

Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.
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