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Peripheral Neurophy
I am a 65 year old woman. I have six children. Four natural sons and two adopted daughters. I have   always kept rather good health until the last few years. My family history includes two sons with Mitral valve incompetency, a granddaughter with Scloderma? not sure of the spelling. One son with slight Marfan's Syndrome. My mother [85years] has Paget's Disease. My youngest son was an RH baby, has an IUT. My father died of CHF, aged 85.

    In 2005: - I had Celulitis, both legs, was in hosptial on IV ABs. I started to developed slight
     tingling in my feet. The left one was the worst, [but that has changed and both are pretty bad now]
     I also a very dry mouth and I was unable to eat well, My weight dropped from127.1 kg to 83 kg
     in a few months.[ probably just as well for me!

-  2006: - a random blood test indicated Hypercalcimea and a high reading of Paraprotein. So the
    Haematologist started me on a course of Pamisol, IV, and later Intergram, also, IV. He thought I  
    might have had Multiple Myeloma or Amyloidosis. Various tests i.e. C.T scan, No Bence Jones
    Protein present, Kidney Ultra Sound, Abdominal too! have all been negative though.
-  I started to have very itchy skin, so changed all the soaps I used, but to no avail. GP gave me,
    Razene and Prednisone and it cleared up at once. Right through this year the PN has worsened.
    I have been having blood tests monthly, they showed that I tend towards low Potassium.

2007: - has been much the same. The PN getting so bad that I am unable to walk without using a
    walker now. The burning and tingling is so painful. I cannot bear to have anyone touuch my feet
     or wear shoes, sheepskin slippers are the easiest to wear when I go out, other than then I go
    bare footed!  My Haematologist started me on a cours of Melphalan and a Steroid. That was for    
    six months.

-  Below are the only results I have 'seen' thus far. They show low platelets etc, however that  
    situation is now resolved. I have a low Vit B12, and need to have, now 3 monthly injections. My  
    Vit D is also low and I have been told to take a supplement. December 3rd Nov 21
Haemoglobin: 93 g/L [115-155] L 104
  RBC: 2.6 x10’12/L [306-5.5] L 3.1
  Hct: 0.26 [0.34- 0.45] L 0.31
  MCH: 35pg [27=34] H 99
  MCV: 99 fL [80-99] 33

Platelet Count: 42 x10 ‘ 9/L [160-400] L 75
Platelet Morphology: Normal Normal
Total WBC 3.1 x 10^ 9/L [4.0- 11.0] L 2.3
  Neutrohils: 1.9 x 10^ 9/L [2.0-7.0 L 1.4
  Lymphocytes: 0.9 x 10^ 9/L [1.0-4.0] L 9.5
  Monocytes: 0.1 x 10^ 9/L [0.2-1.0] L 0.5
  Eosinophils: 0.2 x 10^ 9/L [0.0-0.7] 0.4

  Anisocytosis: Slight Slight
  Macrocytes: Mild Few
  Spherocytes: Few Not on sheet
  Polychromatic Cell: Few Few
  Tear-drop Cells: Few Few

Haematology Comment: Haematology Comment:
Note the Pancytopenia. Note the Pancytopenia.

    I have seen a Neurologist and had Nerve Conduction tests. He says that the damage was
    moderate then. [18 mths ago] It was then affecting my hands, the right by far the worst affected.
-   2007 I had Bi-lateral Knee replacements, they are brilliant!
    The Pamisol continued till December last year. The PN means that my balance is not good, I am
     unable to do many of the household task I enjoy doing, I have had to relinquish my drivers license
     I cannot now feel the ground, and to drive would be foolhardly, to say the least. I only time there
     is any relief is when I sleep, and as long as my bed is warm - hot, my legs and feet seem to
     allow me that time of rest. My [R] hand has deteriorated a lot in the last few months. I drop things
     and cannot open jars, or knit etc. I am on a disabilty allowance and need help in the home now.
     My husband is 72 and does not keep good health [Migraine and cluster headaches, maybe the  
     worry of my health, although he has had migraine for many years now, also something wrong
     with his heart] I had a Squamous Cell Carcinoma removed [ third time] from the crown of my
     head, it has healed well, as to has the skin graft. Quite apart from all this is I am ok!!

2008:- and the latest blood test results, just back from America indicate that I have a 'funny' antibody
    which shows that I have Sjogren's Syndrome! Will this explain the Peripheral Neuropathy? and if
    so, then what can I do about it. I do hope that you will be able to give me a answer that will make
    sense of all this. My present medications include: - Frusmide 40mg,m daily; Razene once a day;
    Slow K, depends on the potassium levels, but presently on 2 x 2 daily, and the Vit D supplement.
    I drink plenty of water, and eat well.

    I do appreciate your taking the time to read all this and hope I have made it clear for you.
    Thank you
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