Peripheral neuropathy following hysterectomy
by rrobenberger, Apr 24, 2012
Mid Jan of 2012 had a hysterectomy and I immediately following this I had shooting pain to my left leg, down to my ankle where there was a feeling of pressure. I understand that positions patients are placed in during surgery can sometimes result in this type of issue, so I was not too concerned. However, about 5 weeks after the surgery I began to experience burning feet. The shooting pain had just resolved when I began feeling this burning pain to my bilateral feet. Approx. 2 weeks later, my left calf went numb. After approx 3-4 days this began to resolves but not entirely. I continued to work and approx 1 week later my right knee and lower thigh went numb. Have gotten an MRI of the lumbar spine (results negative) and cervical spine ( result was mild disc bulge at C3-C4 with patent neural foramina, no stenosis). Other significant history includes viral sepsis of CMV virus in 2009 finally treated with a few days of IV ganciclovir. Diagnosis of fibromyalgia followed this infection of CMV. No history of diabetes or hypertension.

Is it possible that this peripheral neuropathy is a complication of the laprascopic vaginally assisted hysterectomy? The surgeon who performed the surgery says no and my current neurologist is exploring causes such as thoracic spine issues, lymes disease, and west nile virus. It does worry me that this issue is progressing so issues such as inguinal tendon damaging the nerves does not appear to be the case. Are there issues with scarring internally from the procedure that may be the culprit? What tests/ scans would need to be done? Or is there reason to believe this issue and the occurrence of the surgery are coincidental?
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by cassy50, May 01, 2012
I had a total hysterectomy in 2007 and for the past 5 years I have had and still do peripheral neuropathy
by rrobenberger, May 04, 2012
Sorry to hear about this. Is there anything you can recommend that would help with my recovery from your experience?
by danap79, Dec 27, 2012
In 2010 I had a total hysterectomy and salpingo-oopherectomy.  Since the surgery I have had what my surgeon called "compression neuropathy".  I have pain and numbness/tingling in my left leg and knee.  My surgeon said this was common but I have not been able to find out much about it.  I see a pain doctor because the problem has not resolved.  I was unable to walk for the first several months after surgery.  I had to use a walker.  I have tried physical therapy, massage and exercise but I still have the problem.  I would love to hear from anyone that can shed some light on this subject.