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Pituitary Cyst
My neurologist won't be in until tomorrow, but I spoke with a nurse about the reults of a brain MRI I had done a week ago.  She said the results showed some abnormalities and a possible cyst on my pituitary gland.  She said she would print the report and leave a note for the neurologist that I would like him to call.

I am looking for information.  I can find a lot on Pituitary tumors but not on cysts.  Does anyone know of information on pituitary cysts?

My symptoms are extreme fatigue, weakness, instability, nausea, brain fog and chills and tremors.  I have had them since, at least, June of this year and they seem to be getting worse.  Other than medical appointments, I haven't left the house much.  Just a few trips to my daughter's family and some small trips to the store just so I can do something..  This is very frustrating. Can these symptoms be caused by a pituitary cyst?

Thanks for any advice.
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