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Please Help, electric shock in head???
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Please Help, electric shock in head???

So I am hopeing I could get some help after numerous doctors, I am out of money and dont know which direction to go.

34 years old
smoke, eat healthy, take multi vits and fish oil everyday, go to gym every day
under tremendous stress for last 6 months


In September of '08 I developed an extremly painful/burning rash on my scalp of inknown origin. Er diagnosed me with foliculitis (folliculitis)???? took about 3 weeks for the crusty rash to go away.

From September to January of '09
Deep aching Headaches in the back of my head near rash site (do not know if these are realated)
Stiff neck with cracking sound (only some days)
Deep aching eye pain when trying t sleep at night. ( wernt to eye dr, said I had Dry eye and to find root cause)

January '09 till present

one day at work started to feel dizzy almost like an electric shock in the top of my head. Scared the **** out of me.
went to ER they did CT scan, diagnosed me with acute sinusitis.
Was on antibiotics for 35 days z-pack,ceftin, avelox, biaxcin xl. Sinus infection went away, but dizzy like shocks did not.(they still happen 3 to 4 times a day)
I also experince very stiff jaw (sometimes) after i havebeen talking for a bit, Pain in my temple area(sometimes) almost as if there was a pimple under skin, and deep ear pain.

I went to ENT had hearing, balance test,etc.... no sign of any infection.

I do feel somewhat better since these electric like shocks started happening in january, but I just want them to go away. and I am not sure wich direction I should go ?? Neurology or TMJ route??

Also. it really feels like on the bad days I have swelling in head?? and I devoped a cyst on the top of my ear that seems to go away when I sleep at night and come back during day???
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If you're on an antidepressant like an SSRI, you'll get those brain zaps.  That's about all I know about those things.  You could have blood drawn and see what your vitamin and mineral levels look like, some people develop deficiencies despite healty lifestyles, on account of the way their body chemistry works.  And for your headachey things, when you have stress, the tension all goes right into the neck and shoulders, and those muscles go up into the head.  A good professional massage therapist might be able to help you with that, until your stressful situations lessen.  Sorry I can't be more definitive, but I usually look at these things from a simple point of view, becuz a lot of times it IS simple stuff, and I leave the complex stuff to the docs.
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thanks, i have had blood drawn, ct scans, etc...
the only time i seem to feel normal is when I am running and the blood gets flowin.but I cant run non stop.
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I've been having the electric shocks (feel & hear) in my head.  I also had headaches, TMJ pain (wanted to pull all my teeth out) and pain if touched on face or head.  I did some research and asked the Dr. if it could be Trigeminal Neuralgia (face/head neuropathy) which he agreed it could.  Put me on Tegretol generic Carbamazepine (seizure medication but used for Trigeminal Neuralgia) and within a day I was pretty much head pain free.  They're also checking for MS and I've read that there can be a connection to electric shocks and MS.  Also heard that missing or weaning yourself off anti-depressants can cause the electric shocks.  Good Luck.  If you find out anything please let me know.
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